FAQ on Main Conference Paper Submission

Deadline for final paper: May 6, 2022 (23:59 UTC+02:00)

Abstract Format: unprotected PDF

Abstract Submission Page:  https://www.softconf.com/lrec2022/main

Q. The Call for papers mentions that the page count for full paper submission should be from 4 to 8 pages. Is this just for the initial submission?

A. No. LREC solicits full paper submission. The number of pages is therefore the same for both the initial and final submissions.


Q. Can I add tables and figures to my paper?


A. Yes you can. Tables and figures can also be part of your paper.


Q. Does the page count include references as well?


A. No, the page count does not include the references.


Q. Does the page count include appendix pages as well?


A. No, the page count does not include the appendix pages. Although we did not set any limit, the number of appendix pages should remain reasonable.


Q. Can I submit paper in a language other than English?


A. No, we only accept papers written in English.


Q. I am late. Can I send you my submission via email?


A. No, all submissions MUST be done via START (https://www.softconf.com/lrec2022/main).


Q. How can I edit the papert after I have submitted it?


A. Use the code returned by START upon the initial submission to re-enter your submission page. You can upload a new paper and also add, modify or remove information. Changes to a submitted paper can only be done within the submission period.


Q. Will my abstract be blind-reviewed?


A. No, the submissions are NOT anonymous.


Q. When will I be notified as to whether or not my paper has been accepted?


A. Notifications will be sent to the contact person for the conference papers and for workshops and tutorials. Specific dates will be communicated at a later stage. Only the contact person will be notified. It is up to this person to notify their co-authors. As such, please make sure that the contact information you have provided is up to date.


Q. Will you give instructions for formatting the final paper?


A. The Author’s Kit made of specific guidelines and downloadable templates (Word, LibreOffice and LaTeX) are available on the conference web site.


Q. When using \citelanguageresource in my paper, I do get the Language Resources References title, but none of the papers I cite using the command show.


A. Please proceed as follows;

1. Create a language resource citation entry in your .bib file:

   author = "{Firstname Surname}",
   title = "Resource Name",
   publisher = "Resource publisher",
   year = "yyyy",
   series = "Series if applicable",
   edition = "x.y",
   islrn = "ISLRN number",

2. in your paper, cite the resource as \citelanguageresource{resourcename}, and make sure the paper contains (as in the provided xample.tex template):


3. compile the latex paper to pdf, thus:

pdflatex your_paper_name.tex
bibtex your_paper_name.aux
bibtex languageresource.aux
pdflatex your_paper_name.tex
pdflatex your_paper_name.tex

Please make sure to type the third command in your shell exactly as indicated
(bibtex languageresource.aux).


Q. Do the LREC Proceedings have a ISBN/ISSN number?


A. The LREC Proceedings series now has an ISSN number: 2522-2686.
The ISBN Number of the LREC 2022 Proceedings is 979-10-95546-72-6


Q. Can I pre-publish my paper on arxiv?


A. Though not encouraging it, LREC allows archiving pre-submissions on platforms such as arXiv: therefore you can upload there your article before submitting it to the conference.


Important dates
  • 5 November 2021: Submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials
  • 17 January 2022: Submission of proposals for oral and poster papers
  • 5 April 2022: Notification of acceptance for oral and poster/demo papers
  • 6 May 2022: Final Submission of accepted oral and poster/demo papers
  • 21-22-23 June 2022: Main Conference
  • 20-24-25 June 2022: Workshops & Tutorials