Accepted Papers

ID Title Authors
5 {JADE}: Corpus for Japanese Definition Modelling Han Huang, Tomoyuki Kajiwara and Yuki Arase
7 HateBR: Large Expert Annotated Corpus of Brazilian Instagram Comments for Abusive Language Detection Francielle Alves Vargas, Isabelle Carvalho, Fabiana Rodrigues de Góes, Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo and Fabrício Benevenuto
8 A Survey on the Rhetorical Approach for Online Deception Detection Francielle Alves Vargas and Jonas D`Alessandro
9 Potential Idiomatic Expression (PIE)-English: Corpus for Classes of Idioms Tosin Adewumi, Roshanak Vadoodi, Aparajita Tripathy, Konstantina Nikolaido, Foteini Liwicki and Marcus Liwicki
11 KC4MT: A High-Quality Corpus for Multilingual Machine Translation Vinh Van Nguyen, Ha Tien Nguyen, Huong Thanh Le, Thai Phuong Nguyen, Tan Van Bui, Luan Nghia Pham, Anh Tuan Phan, Cong Hoang-Minh Nguyen, Viet Hong Tran and Anh Huu Tran
17 Align-smatch: A Novel Evaluation Method for Chinese Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing based on Alignment of Concept and Relation Liming Xiao, Bin Li, Zhixing Xu, Kairui Huo, Minxuan Feng, Junsheng Zhou and Weiguang Qu
18 KazNERD: Kazakh Named Entity Recognition Dataset Rustem Yeshpanov, Yerbolat Khassanov and Huseyin Atakan Varol
21 Towards Building a Spoken Dialogue System for Argument Exploration Annalena Bea Aicher, Nadine Gerstenlauer, Isabel Feustel, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
24 Interactive Evaluation of Dialog Track at DSTC9 Shikib Mehri, Yulan Feng, Carla Gordon, Seyed Hossein Alavi, David Traum and Maxine Eskenazi
26 FreeTalky: Don’t Be Afraid! Conversations Made Easier by a Humanoid Robot using Persona-based Dialogue chanjun park, Yoonna Jang, Seolhwa Lee, Sungjin Park and Heuiseok Lim
29 Connecting a French Dictionary from the Beginning of the 20th Century to Wikidata Pierre Nugues
32 StyleKQC: A Style-Variant Paraphrase Corpus for Korean Questions and Commands Won Ik Cho, Sangwhan Moon, Jong In Kim, Seokmin Kim and Nam Soo Kim
33 ViHealthBERT: Pre-trained Language Models for Vietnamese in Health Text Mining Nguyen Phuc Minh, Vu Hoang Tran, Vu Hoang, Huy Duc Ta, Trung Huu Bui and Steven Quoc Hung Truong
34 Dynamic Human Evaluation for Relative Model Comparisons Thórhildur Thorleiksdóttir, Cedric Renggli, Nora Hollenstein and Ce Zhang
35 Fine-Grained Error Analysis and Fair Evaluation of Labeled Spans Katrin Ortmann
36 Towards Evaluation of Cross-document Coreference Resolution Models using Datasets with Diverse Annotation Schemes Anastasia Zhukova, Felix Hamborg and Bela Gipp
37 N24News: A New Dataset for Multimodal News Classification Zhen Wang, Xu Shan, Xiangxie Zhang and Jie Yang
38 SHARE: A Lexicon of Harmful Expressions by the Spanish Population Flor Miriam Plaza-del-Arco, Ana Belén Parras Portillo, Pilar López Úbeda, Beatriz Botella Gil and María-Teresa Martín-Valdivia
40 Evaluating Gender Bias in Speech Translation Marta R. Costa-jussà, Christine Basta and Gerard I. Gállego
41 x-enVENT: A Corpus of Event Descriptions with Experiencer-specific Emotion and Appraisal Annotations Enrica Troiano, Laura Ana Maria Oberlaender, Maximilian Wegge and Roman Klinger
42 Extensions to Brahmic script processing within the Nisaba library: new scripts, languages and utilities Alexander Gutkin, Cibu Johny, Raiomond Doctor, Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin and Brian Roark
43 CLeLfPC: a Large Open Multi-Speaker Corpus of French Cued Speech Brigitte BIGI, Maryvonne Zimmermann and Carine André
44 Unsupervised Embeddings with Graph Auto-Encoders for Multi-domain and Multilingual Hate Speech Detection Gretel Liz De la Peña Sarracén and Paolo Rosso
45 Recovering Patient Journeys: A Corpus of Biomedical Entities and Relations on Twitter (BEAR) Amelie Wührl and Roman Klinger
46 Analysis and Prediction of NLP Models via Task Embeddings Damien Sileo and Marie-Francine Moens
48 Progress in Multilingual Speech Recognition for Low Resource Languages Kurmanji Kurdish, Cree and Inuktut vishwa gupta and Gilles Boulianne
49 Self-Contained Utterance Description Corpus for Japanese Dialog Yuta Hayashibe
50 Multitask Learning for Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion of Anglicisms in German Speech Recognition Julia Maria Pritzen, Michael Gref, Dietlind Zühlke and Christoph Andreas Schmidt
51 Probing Pre-trained Auto-regressive Language Models for Named Entity Typing and Recognition Elena V. Epure and Romain Hennequin
52 Frustratingly Easy Performance Improvements for Cross-lingual Transfer: A Tale on BERT and Segment Embeddings Rob van der Goot, Max Müller-Eberstein and Barbara Plank
54 Developing A Multilabel Corpus for the Quality Assessment of Online Political Talk Kokil Jaidka
55 The Arabic Parallel Gender Corpus 2.0: Extensions and Analyses Bashar Alhafni, Nizar Habash and Houda Bouamor
56 Predicting the Proficiency Level of Nonnative Hebrew Authors Isabelle Nguyen and Shuly Wintner
57 The GINCO Training Dataset for Web Genre Identification of Documents Out in the Wild Taja Kuzman, Peter Rupnik and Nikola Ljubešić
59 SSR7000: A Synchronized Corpus of Ultrasound Tongue Imaging for End-to-End Silent Speech Recognition Naoki Kimura and Zixiong Su
62 HRCA+: Advanced Multiple-choice Machine Reading Comprehension Method YUXIANG ZHANG and Hayato Yamana
65 Mitigating Dataset Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Through Automatic Contextual Data Augmentation and Learning Optimization Michail Mersinias and Panagiotis Valvis
67 Modeling Dutch Medical Texts for Detecting Functional Categories and Levels of COVID-19 Patients Jenia Kim, Stella Verkijk, Edwin Geleijn, Marieke van der Leeden, Carel Meskers, Caroline Meskers, Sabina van der Veen, Piek T.J.M. Vossen and Guy Widdershoven
68 Extended Parallel Corpus for Amharic-English Machine Translation Andargachew Mekonnen Gezmu, Andreas Nürnberger and Tesfaye Bayu Bati
69 LIP-RTVE: An Audiovisual Database for Continuous Spanish in the Wild David Gimeno-Gómez and Carlos-D. Martínez-Hinarejos
70 Surfer100: Generating Surveys From Web Resources, Wikipedia-style Irene Li, Alex Fabbri, Rina Kawamura, Yixin Liu, Xiangru Tang, Jaesung tae, Chang Shen, Sally Ma, Tomoe Mizutani and Dragomir Radev
72 Unraveling the Mystery of Artifacts in Machine Generated Text Jiashu Pu, Ziyi Huang, Yadong Xi, Guandan Chen, Weijie Chen and Rongsheng Zhang
73 HyperBox: A Supervised Approach for Hypernym Discovery using Box Embeddings Parmar Maulik and Apurva Narayan
74 An Annotated Arabic-English Bilingual Writer Corpus: Guidelines, Processes, and Insights Nizar Habash and David Palfreyman
75 TeDDi Sample: Text Data Diversity Sample for Language Comparison and Multilingual NLP Steven Moran, Christian Bentz, Olga Sozinova, Ximena Gutierrez-Vasques and Tanja Samardzic
76 Predicting Embedding Reliability in Low-Resource Settings Using Corpus Similarity Measures Jonathan Dunn, Haipeng Li and Damian Sastre
78 Angry or Sad ? Emotion Annotation for Extremist Content Characterisation Valentina Dragos, Delphine Battistelli, Aline Etienne and Yolène Constable
79 Identification of Multiword Expressions in Tweets for Hate Speech Detection Nicolas Zampieri, Carlos Ramisch, Irina Illina and Dominique Fohr
80 Please, Don't Forget the Difference and the Confidence Interval when Seeking for the State-of-the-Art Status Yves Bestgen
81 Kompetencer: Fine-grained Skill Classification in Danish Job Postings via Distant Supervision and Transfer Learning Mike Zhang, Kristian Nørgaard Jensen and Barbara Plank
83 PCR4ALL: A Comprehensive Evaluation Benchmark for Pronoun Coreference Resolution in English Xinran Zhao, Hongming Zhang and Yangqiu Song
85 Aggregating Hierarchical Dialectal Data for Arabic Dialect Classification Nurpeiis Baimukan, Nizar Habash and Houda Bouamor
86 Investigating User Radicalization: A Novel Dataset for Identifying Fine-Grained Temporal Shifts in Opinion Flora Sakketou, Allison Claire Lahnala, Liane Vogel and Lucie Flek
90 A Pragmatics-Centered Evaluation Framework for Natural Language Understanding Damien Sileo, Philippe Muller, Tim Van de Cruys and Camille Pradel
92 Metaphor annotation for German Markus Egg and Valia Kordoni
93 A Framenet and Frame Annotator for German Social Media Eckhard Bick
94 Cross-lingual Emotion Detection Sabit Hassan, Shaden Shaar and Kareem Darwish
96 CoRoSeOf - An Annotated Corpus of Romanian Sexist and Offensive Tweets Diana Constantina Hoefels, Çağrı Çöltekin and Irina Diana Mădroane
99 Hausa Visual Genome: A Dataset for Multi-Modal English to Hausa Machine Translation Idris Abdulmumin, Satya Ranjan Dash, Musa Abdullahi Dawud, Shantipriya Parida, Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad, Ibrahim Sa’id Ahmad, Subhadarshi Panda, Ondřej Bojar, Bashir Shehu Galadanci and Bello Shehu Bello
102 Are Embedding Spaces Interpretable? Results of an Intrusion Detection Evaluation on a Large French Corpus Thibault Prouteau, Nicolas J. Dugué, Nathalie Camelin and Sylvain Meignier
104 DirectQuote: A Dataset for Direct Quotation Extraction and Attribution in News Articles Yuanchi Zhang and Yang Liu
105 BasqueParl: A Bilingual Corpus of Basque Parliamentary Transcriptions Nayla Escribano, Jon Ander Gonzalez, Julen Orbegozo-Terradillos, Ainara Larrondo-Ureta, Simón Peña-Fernández, Olatz Perez-de-Viñaspre and Rodrigo Agerri
106 A Survey of Machine Translation Tasks on Nigerian Languages Ebelechukwu C. Nwafor and Anietie Andy
108 Multimodal Pipeline for Collection of Misinformation Data from Telegram Jose Angel Sosa and Serge Sharoff
110 Representing the Toddler Lexicon: Which Corpus and Semantic Metric? Jennifer M. Weber and Eliana Colunga
111 Multi-Task Learning for Cross-Lingual Abstractive Summarization Sho Takase and Naoaki Okazaki
112 Extracting Space Situational Awareness Events from News Text Zhengnan Xie, Alice Saebom Kwak, Enfa George, Laura W. Dozal, Hoang Van, Moriba Jah, Roberto Furfaro and Peter Jansen
113 PerCQA: Persian Community Question Answering Dataset Naghme Jamali, Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh and Heshaam Faili
114 The Persian Dependency Treebank Made Universal Pegah Safari, Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli, Amirsaeid Moloodi and Alireza Nourian
115 Privacy-Preserving Graph Convolutional Networks for Text Classification Ivan Habernal and Timour Igamberdiev
118 LeSpell - A Multi-Lingual Benchmark Corpus of Spelling Errors to Develop Spellchecking Methods for Learner Language Marie Bexte, Ronja Laarmann-Quante, Andrea Horbach and Torsten Zesch
122 Turkish Universal Conceptual Cognitive Annotation Necva Bölücü and Burcu Can
124 Language technology practitioners as language managers: arbitrating data bias and predictive bias in ASR Nina Markl and Stephen Joseph McNulty
125 Semantic Role Labelling for Dutch Law Texts Roos M. Bakker, Romy A.N. van Drie, Maaike de Boer, Robert van Doesburg and Tom van Engers
130 MS-LaTTE: A Dataset of Where and When To-do Tasks are Completed Sujay Kumar Jauhar, Nirupama Chandrasekaran, Michael Gamon and Ryen White
131 The Subject Annotations of the Danish Parliament Corpus (2009-2017) v.2 and their Evaluation through Multilabel Classification Costanza Navarretta and Dorte Haltrup Hansen
132 Causal Investigation of Public Opinion during the COVID-19 Pandemic via Social Media Text Michael Jantscher and Roman Kern
133 Subjective Text Complexity Assessment for German Laura Seiffe, Fares Kallel, Roland Roller, Sebastian Möller and Babak Naderi
134 CRASS: A Novel Data Set and Benchmark to Test Counterfactual Reasoning of Large Language Models Jörg Frohberg and Frank Binder
137 Querying Interaction Structure: Approaches to Overlap in Spoken Language Corpora Elena Frick, Thomas Schmidt and Henrike Helmer
138 Automatic Speech Recognition Datasets in Cantonese: A Survey and New Dataset Tiezheng Yu, Rita Frieske, Peng Xu, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Cheuk Tung YIU, Holy Lovenia, Wenliang Dai, Elham J. Barezi, Qifeng Chen, Xiaojuan Ma, Bertram E. Shi and Pascale Fung
141 HADREB: Human Appraisals and (English) Descriptions of Robot Emotional Behaviors Josue Torres-Fonsesca and Casey Kennington
143 English Language Spelling Correction as an Information Retrieval Task Using Wikipedia Search Statistics Kyle Goslin and Markus Hofmann
144 Survey on Thai NLP Language Resources and Tools Ratchakrit Arreerard, Stephen Mander and Scott Piao
146 MentalBERT: Publicly Available Pretrained Language Models for Mental Healthcare Shaoxiong Ji, Tianlin Zhang, Luna Ansari, Jie Fu, Prayag Tiwari and Erik Cambria
147 KazakhTTS2: Extending the Open-Source Kazakh TTS Corpus With More Data, Speakers, and Topics Saida Mussakhojayeva, Yerbolat Khassanov and Huseyin Atakan Varol
148 Neural Machine Translation for Low-resource African Languages: Benchmarking State-of-the-art Transformer for Wolof Cheikh M. Bamba Dione, Alla LO, Elhadji Mamadou Nguer and sileye ba
151 Criteria for Useful Automatic Romanization in South Asian Languages Isin Demirsahin, Cibu Johny, Alexander Gutkin and Brian Roark
153 Introducing RezoJDM16k: a French KnowledgeGraph DataSet for Link Prediction Mehdi Mirzapour, Waleed Ragheb, Mohammad Javad Saeedizade, Kevin Cousot, Helene Jacquenet, Lawrence Carbon and Mathieu Lafourcade
154 Identifying Tension in Holocaust Survivors’ Interview: Code-switching/Code-mixing as Cues Xinyuan Xia, Lu Xiao, Kun Yang and Yueyue Wang
155 Placing multi-modal, and multi-lingual Data in the Humanities Domain on the Map: the Mythotopia Geo-tagged Corpus Voula Giouli, Anna Vacalopoulou, Nikolaos Sidiropoulos, Christina Flouda, Athanasios Doupas, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Nikos Bikakis, Vassilis Kaffes and Gregory Stainhaouer
156 Estimating Confidence of Predictions of Individual Classifiers and TheirEnsembles for the Genre Classification Task Mikhail Lepekhin and Serge Sharoff
157 LaoPLM: Pre-trained Language Models for Lao Nankai Lin, Yingwen Fu, Chuwei Chen, Ziyu Yang and Shengyi JIANG
158 Leveraging Hashtag Networks for Multimodal Popularity Prediction of Instagram Posts Yu Yun Liao
159 Generating Questions from Wikidata Triples Kelvin Han, Thiago Castro Ferreira and Claire Gardent
160 The IARPA BETTER Program Abstract Task Four New Semantically Annotated Corpora from IARPA’s BETTER Program Timothy Mckinnon and Carl Rubino
162 Investigating Active Learning Sampling Strategies for Extreme Multi Label Text Classification Lukas Fromme, Katsiaryna Mirylenka, Jonas Kuhn and Jasmina Bogojeska
164 Identification of Fine-Grained Location Mentions in Crisis Tweets Sarthak Khanal, Maria Traskowsky and Doina Caragea
166 An Architecture of resolving a multiple link path in a standoff-style data format to enhance the mobility of language resources Kazushi Ohya
168 DiaBiz – an Annotated Corpus of Polish Call Center Dialogs Piotr Pęzik, Gosia Krawentek, Sylwia Karasińska, Paweł Wilk, Paulina Rybińska, Anna Cichosz, Angelika Peljak-Łapińska, Mikołaj Deckert and Michał Adamczyk
169 ArMATH: a Dataset for Solving Arabic Math Word Problems Reem Ali Alghamdi, Zhenwen Liang and Xiangliang Zhang
171 BILinMID: A Spanish-English Corpus of the US Midwest Irati Hurtado
173 Efficiently and Thoroughly Anonymizing a Transformer Language Model for Dutch Electronic Health Records: a Two-Step Method Stella Verkijk and Piek T.J.M. Vossen
175 Aligning Images and Text with Semantic Role Labels for Fine-Grained Cross-Modal Understanding Abhidip Bhattacharyya, Cecilia Mauceri, Martha Palmer and Christoffer Heckman
176 VaccineLies: A Natural Language Resource for Learning to Recognize Misinformation about the COVID-19 and HPV Vaccines Maxwell Weinzierl and Sanda Harabagiu
178 CoFiF Plus: A French Financial Narrative Summarisation Corpus Nadhem ZMANDAR, Tobias Daudert, Sina Ahmadi, Mahmoud El-Haj and Paul Rayson
179 EENLP: Cross-lingual Eastern European NLP Index Alexey Tikhonov, Alex Malkhasov, Andrey Manoshin, George-Andrei Dima, Réka Cserháti, Md.Sadek Hossain Asif and Matt Sárdi
180 Cross-lingual Linking of Automatically Constructed Frames and FrameNet Ryohei Sasano
181 DialCrowd 2.0: A Quality-Focused Dialog System Crowdsourcing Toolkit Jessica Huynh, Ting-Rui Chiang, Jeffrey Bigham and Maxine Eskenazi
182 BERTology for Machine Translation: What BERT knows about linguistic difficulties for translation Yuqian Dai, Marc de Kamps and Serge Sharoff
183 Evaluation Benchmarks for Spanish Sentence Representations Vladimir Araujo, Andrés Carvallo, Souvik Kundu, José Cañete, Marcelo Mendoza, Robert E. Mercer, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Marie-Francine Moens and Alvaro M. Soto
184 Samrómur Children: An Icelandic Speech Corpus Carlos Daniel Hernandez Mena, David Erik Mollberg, Michal Borský and Jón Guðnason
185 GrASP: A Library for Extracting and Exploring Human-Interpretable Textual Patterns Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Leshem Choshen, Eyal Shnarch and Francesca Toni
189 CrudeOilNews: An Annotated Crude Oil News Corpus for Event Extraction Meisin Lee, Lay-Ki Soon, Eu Gene Siew and Ly Fie Sugianto
190 Wiktextract: Wiktionary as Machine-Readable Structured Data Tatu Ylonen
191 One Document, Many Revisions: A Dataset for Classification and Description of Edit Intents Dheeraj Rajagopal, Xuchao Zhang, Michael Gamon, Sujay Kumar Jauhar, Diyi Yang and Eduard Hovy
192 LaVA – Latvian Language Learner corpus Roberts Darģis, Ilze Auziņa, Inga Kaija, Kristīne Levāne-Petrova and Kristīne Pokratniece
195 CVSS Corpus and Massively Multilingual Speech-to-Speech Translation Ye Jia, Michelle Tadmor Ramanovich, Quan Wang and Heiga Zen
196 A Graph-Based Method for Unsupervised Knowledge Discovery from Financial Texts Joel Oksanen, Abhilash Majumder, Kumar Saunack, Francesca Toni and Arun Dhondiyal
197 A Corpus of German Citizen Contributions in Mobility Planning: Supporting Evaluation Through Multidimensional Classification Julia Romberg, Laura Mark and Tobias Escher
198 Tackling Irony Detection using Ensemble Classifiers Christoph Peter Turban and Udo Kruschwitz
199 A Large Interlinked Knowledge Graph of the Italian Cultural Heritage Stefano Faralli, Andrea Lenzi and Paola Velardi
200 Claim Extraction and Law Matching for COVID-19-related Legislation Niklas Dehio, Malte Ostendorff and Georg Rehm
201 A Brief Survey on Textual Dialogue Corpora Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Patrícia Ferreira, Daniel Martins, Catarina Silva and Ana Alves
203 Identification and Analysis of Personification in Hungarian: The PerSECorp project Gábor Simon
204 Organizing and Improving a Database of French Word Formation Using Formal Concept Analysis Nyoman Juniarta, Olivier Bonami, Nabil Hathout, Fiammetta Namer and Yannick Toussaint
206 Fine-tuning vs From Scratch: Do Vision & Language Models Have Similar Capabilities on Out-of-Distribution Visual Question Answering? Kristian Nørgaard Jensen and Barbara Plank
207 Few-Shot Learning for Argument Aspects of the Nuclear Energy Debate Lena Jurkschat, Gregor Wiedemann, Maximilian Heinrich, Mattes Ruckdeschel and Sunna Torge
208 A Systematic Study Reveals Unexpected Interactions in Pre-Trained Neural Machine Translation Ashleigh Isabella Richardson and Janet Wiles
209 Empirical Analysis of Noising Scheme based Synthetic Data Generation for Automatic Post-editing Hyeonseok Moon, chanjun park, Seolhwa Lee, Jaehyung Seo, Jungseob Lee, Sugyeong Eo and Heuiseok Lim
215 BERTHA: Video Captioning Evaluation Via Transfer-Learned Human Assessment Luis Lebron, Yvette Graham, Kevin McGuinness, Konstantinos Kouramas and Noel E. O'Connor
218 CTAP for Chinese:A Linguistic Complexity Feature Automatic Calculation Platform Yue Cui, Junhui Zhu, Liner Yang, Xuezhi Fang, Xiaobin Chen, Yujie Wang and Erhong Yang
221 EPIC UdS - Creation and Applications of a Simultaneous Interpreting Corpus Heike Przybyl, Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski, Katrin Menzel, Stefan Fischer and Elke Teich
223 The EuroPat Corpus: A Parallel Corpus of European Patent Data Kenneth Heafield, Elaine Farrow, Jelmer van der Linde, Gema Ramírez-Sánchez and Dion Wiggins
224 KIMERA: Injecting Domain Knowledge into Vacant Transformer Heads Benjamin Winter, Alexei Figueroa Rosero, Alexander Löser, Felix Alexander Gers and Amy Siu
225 GujMORPH - A Dataset for Creating Gujarati Morphological Analyzer Jatayu Baxi and brijesh bhatt
227 The Maaloula Aramaic Speech Corpus (MASC): From Printed Material to a Lemmatized and Time-Aligned Corpus Ghattas Eid, Esther Seyffarth and Ingo Plag
228 Recurrent Neural Networks with Mixed Hierarchical Structures and EM Algorithm for Natural Language Processing zhaoxin luo and Michael Zhu
229 FQuAD2.0: French Question Answering and Learning When You Don't Know Quentin Heinrich, Gautier Viaud and Wacim Belblidia
230 German Light Verb Constructions in Business Process Models Kristin Kutzner and Ralf Laue
231 GerEO: A Large-Scale Resource on the Syntactic Distribution of German Experiencer-Object Verbs Johanna Poppek, Simon Masloch and Tibor Kiss
232 Multilingual Image Corpus – Towards a Multimodal and Multilingual Dataset Svetla Koeva, Ivelina Stoyanova and Jordan Kralev
233 Evaluating Transformer Language Models on Arithmetic Operations Using Number Decomposition Matteo Muffo, Aldo Cocco and Enrico Bertino
235 Leveraging Mental Health Forums for User-level Depression Detection on Social Media Sravani Boinepelli, Tathagata Raha, Harika Abburi, Pulkit Parikh, Niyati Chhaya and Vasudeva Varma
239 Modality Alignment between Deep Representations for Effective Video-and-Language Learning Hyeongu Yun, Yongil Miles Kim and Kyomin Jung
240 VIMQA: A Vietnamese Dataset for Advanced Reasoning and Explainable Multi-hop Question Answering Khang Nguyen Le, Hien Dieu Nguyen, Tung Le Thanh and Minh Nguyen
244 The Lexometer: A Shiny Application for Exploratory Analysis and Visualization of Corpus Data Oufan Hai, Matthew Sundberg, Katherine Trice, Rebecca Friedman and Scott Grimm
245 Holistic Evaluation of Automatic TimeML Annotators Mustafa Ocal, Adrian Perez, Antonela Radas and Mark Finlayson
248 Construction of Responsive Utterance Corpus for Attentive Listening Response Production Koichiro Ito, Masaki Murata, Tomohiro Ohno and Shigeki Matsubara
250 A Corpus for Suggestion Mining of German Peer Feedback Dominik Pfütze, Eva Ritz, Julius Janda and Roman Rietsche
252 Domain Mismatch Doesn't Always Prevent Cross-lingual Transfer Learning Daniel Edmiston, Phillip Keung and Noah A. Smith
253 PhysNLU: A Language Resource for Evaluating Natural Language Understanding and Explanation Coherence in Physics Jordan C. Meadows, Zili Zhou and André Freitas
255 Overlooked Data in Typological Databases: What Grambank Teaches Us About Gaps in Grammars Jakob Lesage, Hannah J. Haynie, Hedvig Skirgård, Tobias Weber and Alena Witzlack-Makarevich
257 Cross-Lingual Knowledge Transfer for Clinical Phenotyping Jens-Michalis Papaioannou, Paul Grundmann, Betty van Aken, Athanasios Samaras, Ilias Kyparissidis, George Giannakoulas, Felix Gers and Alexander Loeser
258 NorDiaChange: Diachronic Semantic Change Dataset for Norwegian Andrey Kutuzov, Samia Touileb, Petter Mæhlum, Tita Ranveig Enstad and Alexandra Wittemann
259 Speak: A Toolkit Using Amazon Mechanical Turk to Collect and Validate Speech Audio Recordings Christopher Song, David Harwath, Tuka Alhanai and James Glass
261 CLGC: A Corpus for Chinese Literary Grace Evaluation Yi Li, Dong Yu and pengyuan liu
264 The Multilingual Microblog Translation Corpus: Improving and Evaluating Translation of User-Generated Text Paul McNamee and Kevin Duh
265 Constructing A Dataset of Support and Attack Relations in Legal Arguments in Court Judgements using Linguistic Rules Basit Ali, Sachin Pawar, Girish Palshikar and Rituraj Singh
268 Training on Lexical Resources Kenneth Ward Church, Xingyu Cai and Yuchen Bian
269 Evaluating Pre-training Objectives for Low-Resource Translation into Morphologically Rich Languages Prajit Dhar, Arianna Bisazza and Gertjan van Noord
270 Priming Ancient Korean Neural Machine Translation chanjun park, Seolhwa Lee, Jaehyung Seo, Hyeonseok Moon, Sugyeong Eo and Heuiseok Lim
271 Distilling the Knowledge of Romanian BERTs Using Multiple Teachers Andrei-Marius Avram, Darius Catrina, Dumitru-Clementin Cercel, Mihai Dascalu, Traian Rebedea, Vasile Pais and Dan Ioan Tufis
274 Sign Language Production With Avatar Layering: A Critical Use Case over Rare Words Jung-Ho Kim, Eui Jun Hwang, Sukmin Cho, Du Hui Lee and Jong Park
275 Aspect-Based Emotion Analysis and Multimodal Coreference: A Case Study of Customer Comments on Adidas Instagram Posts Luna De Bruyne, Akbar Karimi, Orphee De Clercq, Andrea Prati and Veronique Hoste
277 PoS Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing of West Frisian Wilbert Heeringa, Gosse Bouma, Martha Hofman, Eduard Drenth, Jan Wijffels and Hans Van de Velde
279 Language Identification for Austronesian Languages Jonathan Dunn and Wikke Nijhof
280 ArMIS - The Arabic Misogyny Corpus with Annotator Subjective Disagreements Dina Almanea and Massimo Poesio
281 A Generalizing Approach to Protest Event Detection in German Local News Gregor Wiedemann, Jan Matti Dollbaum, Sebastian Haunss, Priska Daphi and Larissa Daria Meier
282 Annotating the Tweebank Corpus on Named Entity Recognition and Building NLP Models for Social Media Analysis Hang Jiang, Yining Hua, Doug Beeferman and Deb Roy
283 Hong Kong: Longitudinal and Synchronic Characterisations of Protest News between 1998 and 2020 Arya D. McCarthy and Giovanna Maria Dora Dore
287 A Named Entity Recognition Corpus for Vietnamese Biomedical Texts to Support Tuberculosis Treatment Uyen T.P. Phan, Phuong N.V Nguyen and Nhung Nguyen
290 HECTOR: A Hybrid TExt SimplifiCation TOol for Raw Texts in French Amalia Todirascu, Rodrigo Wilkens, Eva Rolin, Thomas François, Delphine Bernhard and Núria Gala
295 The Badalona Corpus - An Audio, Video and Neuro-Physiological Conversational Dataset Philippe Blache, Salomé Antoine, Dorina De Jong, Lena-Marie Huttner, Emilia Kerr, Thierry Legou, Eliot Maës and Clément François
298 Extracting Age-Related Stereotypes from Social Media Texts Kathleen C. Fraser, Svetlana Kiritchenko and Isar Nejadgholi
300 Multi-source Multi-domain Sentiment Analysis with BERT-based Models Gabriel Roccabruna, Steve Azzolin and Giuseppe Riccardi
302 Misspelling Semantics in Thai Pakawat Nakwijit and Matthew Purver
303 Large-Scale Hate Speech Detection with Cross-Domain Transfer Cagri Toraman, Furkan Şahinuç and Eyup Halit Yilmaz
305 Did that happen? Predicting Social Media Posts that are Indicative of what happened in a scene: A case study of a TV show Anietie Andy, Reno Kriz, Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Derry Tanti Wijaya and Chris Callison-Burch
309 ASCEND: A Spontaneous Chinese-English Dataset for Code-switching in Multi-turn Conversation Holy Lovenia, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Genta Indra Winata, Peng Xu, Yan Xu, Zihan Liu, Rita Frieske, Tiezheng Yu, Wenliang Dai, Elham J. Barezi, Qifeng Chen, Xiaojuan Ma, Bertram E. Shi and Pascale Fung
310 Deep learning-based end-to-end spoken language identification system for domain-mismatched scenario Woohyun Kang, Md Jahangir Alam and Abderrahim Fathan
311 Informal Persian Universal Dependency Treebank Roya Kabiri, Simin Karimi and Mihai Surdeanu
313 Towards Speech-only Opinion-level Sentiment Analysis Annalena Aicher, Alisa Gazizullina, Aleksei Gusev, Yuri Matveev and Wolfgang Minker
314 Annotating Interruption in Dyadic Human Conversation Liu YANG, Catherine ACHARD and Catherine PELACHAUD
315 Personalized Filled-pause Generation with Group-wise Prediction Models Yuta Matsunaga, Takaaki Saeki, Shinnosuke Takamichi and Hiroshi Saruwatari
317 Evaluating the Effects of Embedding with Speaker Identity Information in Dialogue Summarization Yuji Naraki, Tetsuya Sakai and Yoshihiko Hayashi
318 A Mapudüngun FST Morphological Analyser and its Web Interface Andrés Chandía
319 Annotation-Scheme Reconstruction for "Fake News" and Japanese Fake News Dataset Taichi Murayama, Shohei Hisada, Makoto Uehara, Shoko Wakamiya and Eiji ARAMAKI
320 Korean-Specific Dataset for Table Question Answering Changwook Jun, Jooyoung Choi, Myoseop Sim, Hyun Kim, Hansol Jang and Kyungkoo Min
321 The Norwegian Parliamentary Speech Corpus Per Erik Solberg and Pablo Ortiz
322 Development of a Benchmark Corpus to Support Entity Recognition in Job Descriptions Thomas Alexander Fleming Green, Diana Maynard and Chenghua Lin
323 Multilingual and Multimodal Learning for Brazilian Portuguese Júlia Yumi Araújo Sato, Helena Caseli and Lucia Specia
324 NyLLex: A Novel Resource of Swedish Words Annotated with Reading Proficiency Level Daniel Holmer and Evelina Rennes
327 Perceived Text Quality and Readability in Extractive and Abstractive Summaries Julius Monsen and Evelina Rennes
328 Making a Semantic Event-type Ontology Multilingual Zdenka Uresova, Karolina Zaczynska, Peter Bourgonje, Eva Fučíková, Georg Rehm and Jan Hajic
329 Towards Speaker Verification for Crowdsourced Speech Collections John Mendonca, Rui Correia, Mariana Lourenço, João Freitas and Isabel Trancoso
331 AiRO - an Interactive Learning Tool for Children at Risk of Dyslexia Peter Juel Henrichsen and Stine Fuglsang Engmose
332 LibriS2S: A German-English Speech-to-Speech Translation Corpus Pedro Jeuris and Jan Niehues
333 Slovene SuperGLUE Benchmark: Translation and Evaluation Aleš Žagar and Marko Robnik-Šikonja
334 RaFoLa: A Rationale-Annotated Corpus for Detecting Indicators of Forced Labour Erick Andres Mendez Guzman, Viktor Schlegel and Riza Batista-Navarro
335 JParaCrawl v3.0: A Large-scale English-Japanese Parallel Corpus Makoto Morishita, Katsuki Chousa, Jun Suzuki and Masaaki Nagata
336 TallVocabL2Fi: An Extensive Mapping of 15 Finnish L2 Learners’ Vocabulary Frankie Robertson, Li-Hsin Chang and Sini Söyrinki
338 A Speech Recognizer for Frisian/Dutch Council Meetings Martijn Bentum, Louis ten Bosch, Henk van den Heuvel, Simone Wills, Domenique van der Niet, Jelske Dijkstra and Hans Van de Velde
339 CLISTER : A Corpus for Semantic Textual Similarity in French Clinical Narratives Nicolas Hiebel, Olivier Ferret, Karën Fort and Aurélie Névéol
341 Increasing CMDI’s Semantic Interoperability with Nino Meisinger, Thorsten Trippel and Claus Zinn
342 DiHuTra: a Parallel Corpus to Analyse Differences between Human Translations Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski, Maja Popović and Maarit Koponen
344 Measuring Uncertainty in Translation Quality Evaluation (TQE) Serge Gladkoff, Irina Sorokina, Lifeng Han and Alexandra Alekseeva
345 HOPE: A Task-Oriented and Human-Centric Evaluation Framework Using Professional Post-Editing Towards More Effective MT Evaluation Serge Gladkoff and Lifeng Han
346 A Distant Supervision Corpus for Extracting Biomedical Relationships Between Chemicals, Diseases and Genes Dongxu Zhang, Sunil Mohan, Michaela Torkar and Andrew McCallum
347 Collection and Analysis of Travel Agency Task Dialogues with Age-Diverse Speakers Michimasa Inaba, Yuya Chiba, Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Kazunori Komatani, Yusuke Miyao and Takayuki Nagai
348 Learning How to Translate North Korean through South Korean Hwichan Kim, Sangwhan Moon, Naoaki Okazaki and Mamoru Komachi
350 Elderly Conversational Speech Corpus with Cognitive Impairment Test and Pilot Dementia Detection Experiment Using Acoustic Characteristics of Speech in Japanese Dialects Meiko Fukuda, Ryota Nishimura, Maina Umezawa, Kazumasa Yamamoto, Yurie Iribe and Norihide Kitaoka
353 A Spoken Drug Prescription Dataset in French for Spoken Language Understanding Ali Can Kocabiyikoglu, François Portet, Prudence Gibert, Hervé Blanchon, Jean-Marc Babouchkine and Gaëtan Gavazzi
355 Quality and Efficiency of Manual Annotation: Pre-annotation Bias Marie Mikulová, Milan Straka, Jan Štěpánek, Barbora Štěpánková and Jan Hajic
356 Creating a Basic Language Resource Kit for Faroese Annika Simonsen, Sandra Saxov Lamhauge, Iben Nyholm Debess and Peter Juel Henrichsen
357 Anonymising the SAGT Speech Corpus and Treebank Özlem Çetinoğlu and Antje Schweitzer
358 Speech Resources in the Tamasheq Language Marcely Zanon Boito, Fethi Bougares, Florentin Barbier, Souhir Gahbiche, Loïc Barrault, Mickael Rouvier and Yannick Estève
360 Language Technologies for the Creation of Multilingual Terminologies. Lessons Learned from the SSHOC Project Federica Gamba, Francesca Frontini, Daan Broeder and Monica Monachini
362 ProDial -- An Annotated Proactive Dialogue Act Corpus for Conversational Assistants using Crowdsourcing Matthias Kraus, Nicolas Wagner and Wolfgang Minker
363 Automatic Construction of Annotated Corpus with Implicit Aspect Aye Aye Mar and Kiyoaki Shirai
365 Automatic Detection of Stigmatizing Uses of Psychiatric Terms on Twitter Véronique MORICEAU, Farah Benamara and Abdelmoumene Boumadane
366 KIND: an Italian Multi-Domain Dataset for Named Entity Recognition Alessio Palmero Aprosio and Teresa Paccosi
367 Transformer versus LSTM Language Models trained on Uncertain ASR Hypotheses in Limited Data Scenarios Imran Sheikh, Emmanuel Vincent and Irina Illina
368 Argument Similarity Assessment in German for Intelligent Tutoring: Crowdsourced Dataset and First Experiments Xiaoyu Bai and Manfred Stede
369 Semantic Relations between Text Segments for Semantic Storytelling: Annotation Tool - Dataset - Evaluation Michael Raring, Malte Ostendorff and Georg Rehm
371 GerCCT: An Annotated Corpus for Mining Arguments in German Tweets on Climate Change Robin Schaefer and Manfred Stede
373 The Causal News Corpus: Annotating Causal Relations in Event Sentences from News Fiona Anting Tan, Ali Hürriyetoğlu, Tommaso Caselli, Nelleke Oostdijk, Tadashi Nomoto, Hansi Hettiarachchi, Iqra Ameer, Onur Uca, Farhana Ferdousi Liza and Tiancheng Hu
374 FGraDA: A Dataset and Benchmark for Fine-Grained Domain Adaptation in Machine Translation Wenhao Zhu, Shujian Huang, Tong Pu, Pingxuan Huang, xu zhang, Jian Yu, Wei Chen, Yanfeng Wang and Jiajun CHEN
375 "Beste Grüße, Maria Meyer" — Pseudonymization of Privacy-Sensitive Information in Emails Elisabeth Eder, Michael Wiegand, Ulrike Krieg-Holz and Udo Hahn
377 Budget Argument Mining Dataset Using Japanese Minutes from the National Diet and Local Assemblies Yasutomo Kimura, Hokuto Ototake and Minoru Sasaki
381 A Dataset of Offensive German Language Tweets Annotated for Speech Acts Melina Plakidis and Georg Rehm
382 Samrómur: Crowd-sourcing large amounts of data Staffan J. S. Hedström, David Erik Mollberg, Ragnheiður Þórhallsdóttir and Jón Guðnason
383 Trends, Limitations and Open Challenges in Automatic Readability Assessment Research Sowmya Vajjala
385 UMUTextStats: A linguistic feature extraction tool for Spanish José Antonio García-Díaz, Pedro José Vivancos-Vicente, Ángela Almela and Rafael Valencia-García
387 Criteria for the Annotation of Implicit Stereotypes Wolfgang Schmeisser-Nieto, Montserrat Nofre and Mariona Taulé
388 What do we really know about State of the Art NER? Sowmya Vajjala and Ramya Balasubramaniam
389 Common Phone: A Multilingual Dataset for Robust Acoustic Modelling Philipp Klumpp, Tomas Arias, Paula Andrea Pérez-Toro, Elmar Noeth and Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave
390 An Annotated Corpus of Textual Explanations for Clinical Decision Support Roland Roller, Aljoscha Burchardt, Nils Feldhus, Laura Seiffe, Klemens Budde, Simon Ronicke and Bilgin Osmanodja
391 Towards an Open-Source Dutch Speech Recognition System for the Healthcare Domain Cristian Tejedor-García, Berrie van der Molen, Henk van den Heuvel, Arjan van Hessen and Toine Pieters
392 Work Hard, Play Hard: Collecting Acceptability Annotations through a 3D Game Federico Bonetti, Elisa Leonardelli, Daniela Trotta, Raffaele Guarasci and Sara Tonelli
394 A Dataset for Speech Emotion Recognition in Greek Theatrical Plays Maria Moutti, Sofia Eleftheriou, Panagiotis Koromilas and Theodoros Giannakopoulos
396 Aesop's fable "The North Wind and the Sun" Used as a Rosetta Stone to Extract and Map Spoken Words in Under-resourced Languages elena knyazeva, Philippe Boula de Mareüil and Frédéric Vernier
397 Logic-Guided Message Generation from Raw Real-Time Sensor Data Ernie Chang, Alisa Kovtunova, Stefan Borgwardt, Vera Demberg, Kathryn Chapman and Hui-Syuan Yeh
398 Mutual Gaze and Linguistic Repetition in a Multimodal Corpus Anais Murat, Maria Koutsombogera and Carl Vogel
400 BERTrade: Using Contextual Embeddings to Parse Old French Loïc Grobol, Mathilde Regnault, Pedro Javier Ortiz Suarez, Benoît Sagot, Laurent Romary and Benoit Crabbé
402 The VoxWorld Platform for Multimodal Embodied Agents Nikhil Krishnaswamy, William Pickard, Brittany Cates, Nathaniel Blanchard and James Pustejovsky
406 MemoSen: A Multimodal Dataset for Sentiment Analysis of Memes Eftekhar Hossain, Omar Sharif and Mohammed Moshiul Hoque
407 Multilingual Open Text 1.0: Public Domain News in 44 Languages Chester Palen-Michel, June Kim and Constantine Lignos
409 Hierarchical Annotation for Building A Suite of Clinical Natural Language Processing Tasks: Progress Note Understanding Yanjun Gao, Dmitriy Dligach, Timothy Miller, Samuel Tesch, Ryan Laffin, Matthew M. Churpek and Majid Afshar
411 MultiSubs: A Large-scale Multimodal and Multilingual Dataset Josiah Wang, Josiel Figueiredo and Lucia Specia
412 Downstream Task Performance of BERT Models Pre-Trained Using Automatically De-Identified Clinical Data Thomas Vakili, Anastasios Lamproudis, Aron Henriksson and Hercules Dalianis
413 Ethical Issues in Language Resources and Language Technology – Tentative Categorisation Pawel Kamocki and Andreas Witt
415 A Unified Approach to Entity-Centric Context Tracking in Social Conversations Ulrich Rückert, Srinivas Kumar Sunkara, Abhinav Rastogi, Sushant Prakash and Pranav Khaitan
416 Construction of a Quality Estimation Dataset for Automatic Evaluation of Japanese Grammatical Error Correction Daisuke Suzuki, Yujin Takahashi, Ikumi Yamashita, Taichi Aida, Tosho Hirasawa, Michitaka Nakatsuji, Masato Mita and Mamoru Komachi
418 TweetTaglish: A Dataset for Investigating Tagalog-English Code-Switching Megan Herrera, Ankit Aich and Natalie Parde
421 Context-based Virtual Adversarial Training for Text Classification with Noisy Labels Do-Myoung Lee, Yeachan Kim and Chang gyun Seo
424 CoVERT: A Corpus of Fact-checked Biomedical COVID-19 Tweets Isabelle Mohr, Amelie Wührl and Roman Klinger
425 SDS-200: A Swiss German Speech to Standard German Text Corpus Michel Plüss, Manuela Hürlimann, Marc André Cuny, Alla Stöckli, Nikolaos Kapotis, Julia Hartmann, Malgorzata Anna Ulasik, Christian Scheller, Yanick Schraner, Amit Jain, Jan Deriu, Mark Cieliebak and Manfred Vogel
428 LARD: Large-scale Artificial Disfluency Generation Tatiana Passali, Thanassis Mavropoulos, Grigorios Tsoumakas, Georgios Meditskos and Stefanos Vrochidis
430 Proficiency Matters Quality Estimation in Grammatical Error Correction Yujin Takahashi, Masahiro Kaneko, Masato Mita and Mamoru Komachi
432 Reading Time and Vocabulary Rating in the Japanese Language: Large-Scale Japanese Reading Time Data Collection Using Crowdsourcing Masayuki Asahara
434 CoQAR: Question Rewriting on CoQA Quentin Brabant, Gwénolé Lecorvé and Lina M. Rojas Barahona
435 Developing a Spell and Grammar Checker for Icelandic using an Error Corpus Hulda Óladóttir, Þórunn Arnardóttir, Anton Ingason and Vilhjálmur Þorsteinsson
436 SansTib, a Sanskrit - Tibetan Parallel Corpus and Bilingual Sentence Embedding Model Sebastian Nehrdich
438 User Interest Modelling in Argumentative Dialogue Systems Annalena Bea Aicher, Nadine Gerstenlauer, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
440 Audiobook Dialogues as Training Data for Conversational Style Synthetic Voices Liisi Piits, Hille Pajupuu, Heete Sahkai, Rene Altrov, Liis Ermus, Kairi Tamuri, Indrek Hein, Meelis Mihkla, Indrek Kiissel, Egert Männisalu, Kristjan Suluste and Jaan Pajupuu
441 Every time I fire a conversational designer, the performance of the dialog system goes down Giancarlo A. Xompero, Michele Mastromattei, Samir Salman, Cristina Giannone, Andrea Favalli, Raniero Romagnoli and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
442 A Romanization System and WebMAUS Aligner for Arabic Varieties Jalal Al-Tamimi, Florian Schiel, Ghada Khattab, Navdeep Sokhey, Djegdjiga Amazouz, Abdulrahman Dallak and Hajar Moussa
443 A Tale of Two Regulatory Regimes: Creation and Analysis of a Bilingual Privacy Policy Corpus Siddhant Arora, Henry Hosseini, Christine Utz, Vinayshekhar Bannihatti Kumar, Tristan O. Dhellemmes, Abhilasha Ravichander, Peter Story, Jasmine Mangat, Rex Chen, Martin Degeling, Thomas Norton, Thomas Hupperich, Shomir Wilson and Norman Sadeh
445 Jojajovai: A Parallel Guarani-Spanish Corpus for MT Benchmarking Luis Chiruzzo, Santiago Góngora, Aldo Alvarez, Gustavo Giménez-Lugo, Marvin Agüero-Torales and Yliana Rodríguez
447 CAMS: An Annotated Corpus for Causal Analysis of Mental Health Issues in Social Media Posts Muskan Garg, Chandni Saxena, Sriparna Saha, Veena Krishnan, Ruchi Joshi and Vijay Mago
448 A Comprehensive Evaluation and Correction of the TimeBank Corpus Mustafa Ocal, Antonela Radas, Jared Hummer and Mark Finlayson
450 Automatic Correction of Syntactic Dependency Annotation Differences Andrew Zupon, Andrew Carnie, Michael Hammond and Mihai Surdeanu
451 Towards Modelling Self-imposed Filter Bubbles in Argumentative Dialogue Systems Annalena Bea Aicher, Wolfgang Minker and Stefan Ultes
452 Russian Jeopardy! Data Set for Question-Answering Systems Elena Mikhalkova and Alexander A. Khlyupin
457 The TalkMoves Dataset: K-12 Mathematics Lesson Transcripts Annotated for Teacher and Student Discursive Moves Abhijit Suresh, Jennifer Jacobs, Charis Harty, Margaret Perkoff, James H. Martin and Tamara Sumner
458 Evaluating Multilingual Sentence Representation Models in a Real Case Scenario Rocco Tripodi, Rexhina Blloshmi and Simon Levis Sullam
459 FinMath: Injecting a Tree-structured Solver for Question Answering over Financial Reports Chenying Li, Wenbo Ye and Yilun Zhao
460 Improving Large-scale Language Models and Resources for Filipino Jan Christian Blaise Cruz and Charibeth Cheng
461 The CRECIL Corpus: a Novel Data Set for Dialogue Character Relation Extraction on Chinese Multi-party Dialogue Yuru Jiang, Yang Xu, Yuhang Zhan, Weikai He, Yilin Wang, Zixuan Xi, Meiyun Wang, Xinyu Li, Yu Li and Yanchao Yu
462 SenticNet 7: A Commonsense-based Neurosymbolic AI Framework for Explainable Sentiment Analysis Erik Cambria, Qian Liu, Sergio Decherchi, Frank Xing and Kenneth Kwok
463 Enhanced Distant Supervision with State-Change Information for Relation Extraction Jui Shah, Dongxu Zhang, Sam Brody and Andrew McCallum
465 Thematic Fit Bits: Annotation Quality and Quantity Interplay for Event Participant Representation Yuval Marton and Asad Sayeed
466 CI-AVSR: A Cantonese Audio-Visual Speech Datasetfor In-car Command Recognition Wenliang Dai, Samuel Cahyawijaya, Tiezheng Yu, Elham J. Barezi, Peng Xu, Cheuk Tung YIU, Rita Frieske, Holy Lovenia, Genta Indra Winata, Qifeng Chen, Xiaojuan Ma, Bertram Shi and Pascale Fung
467 Handwritten Character Generation using Y-Autoencoder for Character Recognition Model Training Tomoki Kitagawa, Chee Siang Leow and Hiromitsu Nishizaki
468 Learning to Prioritize: Precision-Driven Sentence Filtering for Long Text Summarization Alex Mei, Anisha Kabir, Rukmini Bapat, John N. Judge, Tony Sun and William Yang Wang
472 Multimodal Negotiation Corpus with Various Subjective Assessments for Social-Psychological Outcome Prediction from Non-Verbal Cues Nobukatsu Hojo, Satoshi Kobashikawa, Saki Mizuno and Ryo Masumura
474 An Empirical Study on the Overlapping Problem of Open-Domain Dialogue Datasets Yuqiao Wen, Guoqing Luo and Lili Mou
475 Curras + Baladi: Towards a Levantine Corpus Karim Al-Haff, Mustafa Jarrar, Tymaa Hammouda and Fadi Zaraket
477 Wojood: Nested Arabic Named Entity Corpus and Recognition using BERT Mustafa Jarrar, Mohammed Khalilia and Sana Ghanem
478 The Hebrew Essay Corpus Chen Gafni, Anat Prior and Shuly Wintner
479 Nunc profana tractemus. Detecting Code-Switching in a Large Corpus of 16th Century Letters Martin Volk, Lukas Fischer, Patricia Scheurer, Bernard Silvan Schroffenegger, Raphael Schwitter, Phillip Ströbel and Benjamin Suter
481 Exploring Transformers for Ranking Portuguese Semantic Relations Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
482 Data Expansion Using WordNet-based Semantic Expansion and Word Disambiguation for Cyberbullying Detection Md Saroar Jahan, Djamila Romaissa Beddiar, Mourad Oussalah and Muhidin Mohamed
484 DiscoGeM: A Crowdsourced Corpus of Genre-Mixed Implicit Discourse Relations Merel Scholman, Tianai Dong, Frances Yung and Vera Demberg
485 The Bahrain Corpus: A Multi-genre Corpus of Bahraini Arabic Dana Abdulrahim, Go Inoue, Latifa Shamsan, Salam Khalifa and Nizar Habash
488 Constructing a Lexical Resource of Russian Derivational Morphology Lukáš Kyjánek, Olga Lyashevskaya, Anna Nedoluzhko, Daniil Vodolazsky and Zdeněk Žabokrtský
489 Thirumurai: A Large Dataset of Tamil Shaivite Poems and Classification of Tamil Pann Shankar G. Mahadevan, Rahul Ponnusamy, Prasanna Kumar Kumaresan, Ruba Priyadharshini, Sangeetha S, Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi and Prabakaran Chandran
490 A Linguistically Motivated Test Suite to Semi-Automatically Evaluate German--English Machine Translation Output Vivien Macketanz, Eleftherios Avramidis, Aljoscha Burchardt, He Wang, Renlong Ai, Shushen Manakhimova, Ursula Strohriegel, Sebastian Möller and Hans Uszkoreit
492 Combining ELECTRA and Adaptive Graph Encoding for Frame Identification Fabio Tamburini
494 How Does the Experimental Setting Affect the Conclusions of Neural Encoding Models? Xiaohan Zhang, Shaonan Wang and Chengqing Zong
495 Towards a new Ontology for Sign Languages Thierry Declerck
497 ‘Am I the Bad One’? Predicting the Moral Judgement of the Crowd Using Pre–trained Language Models Areej Alhassan, Jinkai Zhang and Viktor Schlegel
498 HeadlineCause: A Dataset of News Headlines for Detecting Causalities Ilya Gusev and Alexey Tikhonov
501 Lessons Learned from GPT-SW3: Building the First Large-Scale Generative Language Model for Swedish Ariel Ekgren, Amaru Cuba Gyllensten, Evangelia Gogoulou, Alice Heiman, Severine Verlinden, Joey Öhman, Fredrik Carlsson and Magnus Sahlgren
502 MMDAG: Multimodal Directed Acyclic Graph Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation Shuo Xu, Yuxiang Jia, Changyong Niu and Hongying Zan
503 Know Better – A Clickbait Resolving Challenge Benjamin Hättasch and Carsten Binnig
504 OpenKorPOS: Democratizing Korean Tokenization with Voting-Based Open Corpus Annotation Sangwhan Moon, Won Ik Cho, Hye Joo Han, Naoaki Okazaki and Nam Soo Kim
506 ChiSense-12: An English Sense-Annotated Child-Directed Speech Corpus Francesco Cabiddu, Lewis Bott, Gary Jones and Chiara Gambi
508 A Multimodal Corpus for Emotion Recognition in Sarcasm Anupama Ray, Apoorva Nunna and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
509 Automatic Gloss-level Data Augmentation for Sign Language Translation Jin Yea Jang, Han-Mu Park, Saim Shin, Suna Shin, Byungcheon Yoon and Gahgene Gweon
510 Making People Laugh like a Pro: Analysing Humor Through Stand-Up Comedy Beatrice Turano and Carlo Strapparava
512 Annotation Study of Japanese Judgments on Tort for Legal Judgment Prediction with Rationales Hiroaki Yamada, Takenobu Tokunaga, Ryutaro Ohara, Keisuke Takeshita and Mihoko Sumida
513 Testing Focus and Non-at-issue Frameworks with a Question-under-Discussion-Annotated Corpus Christoph Hesse, Maurice Langner, Ralf Klabunde and Anton Benz
517 Domain Adaptation in Neural Machine Translation using a Qualia-Enriched FrameNet Alexandre Diniz da Costa, Mateus Coutinho Marim, Ely Matos and Tiago Timponi Torrent
518 HateCheckHIn: Evaluating Hindi Hate Speech Detection Models Mithun Das, Punyajoy Saha, Binny Mathew and Animesh Mukherjee
520 Using a Knowledge Base to Automatically Annotate Speech Corpora and to Identify Sociolinguistic Variation Yaru WU, Fabian Suchanek, Ioana Vasilescu, Lori Lamel and Martine Adda-Decker
521 Aligning the Romanian Reference Treebank and the Valence Lexicon of Romanian Verbs Ana-Maria Barbu, Verginica Barbu Mititelu and Cătălin Mititelu
523 Bidirectional Skeleton-Based Isolated Sign Recognition using Graph Convolution Networks and Transfer Learning Konstantinos M. Dafnis, Evgenia Chroni, Carol Neidle and Dimitri Metaxas
527 Masader: Metadata Sourcing for Arabic Text and Speech Data Resources Zaid Alyafeai, Maraim Masoud, Mustafa Ghaleb and Maged S. Al-shaibani
529 Automating Idea Unit Segmentation and Alignment for Assessing Reading Comprehension via Summary Protocol Analysis Marcello Gecchele, Hiroaki Yamada, Takenobu Tokunaga, Yasuyo Sawaki and Mika Ishizuka
531 Incorporating Zoning Information into Argument Mining from Biomedical Literature Boyang Liu, Viktor Schlegel, Riza Batista-Navarro and Sophia Ananiadou
533 NomVallex: A Valency Lexicon of Czech Nouns and Adjectives Veronika Kolářová and Anna Vernerová
535 A Methodology for Building a Diachronic Dataset of Semantic Shifts and its Application to QC-FR-Diac-V1.0, a Free Reference for French David Kletz, Philippe Langlais, François Lareau and Patrick Drouin
537 MAKED: Multi-lingual Automatic Keyword Extraction Dataset Yash Verma, Anubhav Jangra, Sriparna Saha, Adam Jatowt and Dwaipayan Roy
539 Tracking Textual Similarities in Neo-Latin Drama Networks Andrea Peverelli, Marieke van Erp and Jan Bloemendal
540 Valet: Rule-Based Information Extraction for Rapid Deployment Dayne Freitag, John Cadigan, Robert Sasseen and Paul Kalmar
541 From Examples to Rules: Neural Guided Rule Synthesis for Information Extraction Robert Vacareanu, Marco A. Valenzuela-Escárcega, George Caique Gouveia Barbosa, Rebecca Sharp and Mihai Surdeanu
542 Cross-lingual Transfer of Monolingual Models Evangelia Gogoulou, Ariel Ekgren and Magnus Sahlgren
544 Cross-lingual Approaches for the Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions in German from a Patient's Perspective Lisa Raithel, Philippe Thomas, Roland Roller, Oliver Sapina, Sebastian Möller and Pierre Zweigenbaum
546 How's Business Going Worldwide ? A Multilingual Annotated Corpus for Business Relation Extraction Hadjer Khaldi, Farah Benamara, Camille Pradel, Grégoire Sigel and Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles
547 Strategy-level Entrainment of Dialogue System Users in a Creative Visual Reference Resolution Task Deepthi Karkada, Ramesh Manuvinakurike, Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann and Kallirroi Georgila
549 ALIGNMEET: A Comprehensive Tool for Meeting Annotation, Alignment, and Evaluation Peter Polák, Muskaan Singh, Anna Nedoluzhko and Ondřej Bojar
550 Generating Extended and Multilingual Summaries with Pre-trained Transformers Rémi Calizzano, Malte Ostendorff, Qian Ruan and Georg Rehm
551 BembaSpeech: A Speech Recognition Corpus for the Bemba Language Claytone Sikasote and Antonios Anastasopoulos
554 Distant Reading in Digital Humanities: Case Study on the Serbian Part of the ELTeC Collection Ranka Stanković, Cvetana Krstev, Branislava Šandrih Todorović, Dusko Vitas, Mihailo Skoric and Milica Ikonić Nešić
555 Extracting Linguistic Knowledge from Speech: A Study of Stop Realization in 5 Romance Languages Yaru WU, Mathilde Hutin, Ioana Vasilescu, Lori Lamel and Martine Adda-Decker
556 Problem-solving Recognition in Scientific Text Kevin Heffernan and Simone Teufel
559 Phone Inventories and Recognition for Every Language Xinjian Li, Florian Metze, David R. Mortensen, Alan W Black and Shinji Watanabe
561 Introducing Frege to Fillmore: A FrameNet Dataset that Captures both Sense and Reference Levi Remijnse, Piek T.J.M. Vossen, Antske Fokkens and Sam Titarsolej
562 TZOS: an Online Terminology Database Aimed at Working on Basque Academic Terminology Collaboratively Izaskun Aldezabal, Jose Mari Arriola and Arantxa Otegi
563 NaijaSenti: A Nigerian Twitter Sentiment Corpus for Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad, David Adelani, Anuoluwapo Aremu and Idris Abdulmumin
564 Enriching Grammatical Error Correction Resources for Modern Greek Katerina Korre and John Pavlopoulos
565 Leveraging a Bilingual Dictionary to Learn Wolastoqey Word Representations Diego Thorn Bear and Paul Cook
567 GECO-MT: The Ghent Eye-tracking Corpus of Machine Translation Toon Colman, Margot Fonteyne, Joke Daems, Nicolas Dirix and Lieve Macken
570 A Universal Dependencies Treebank of Ancient Hebrew Daniel G. Swanson and Francis Tyers
571 Annotation of Valence for Spoken Personal Narratives Aniruddha Tammewar, Franziska Braun, Gabriel Roccabruna, Sebastian Peter Bayerl, Korbinian Riedhammer and Giuseppe Riccardi
573 Offensive language detection in Hebrew: can other languages help? Marina Litvak, Natalia Vanetik, Chaya Liebeskind, Omar Hmdia and Rizek Abu Madeghem
574 Conversational Analysis of Daily Dialog Data using Polite Emotional Dialogue Acts Chandrakant Bothe and Stefan Wermter
575 Evaluation of Transfer Learning for Polish with a Text-to-Text Model Aleksandra Chrabrowa, Łukasz Dragan, Karol Grzegorczyk, Dariusz Kajtoch, Mikołaj Koszowski, Robert Mroczkowski and Piotr Rybak
577 Design and Evaluation of the Corpus of Everyday Japanese Conversation Hanae Koiso, Haruka Amatani, Yasuharu Den, Yuriko Iseki, Yuichi Ishimoto, Wakako Kashino, Yoshiko Kawabata, Ken'ya Nishikawa, Yayoi Tanaka, Yasuyuki Usuda and Yuka Watanabe
580 Evaluation of HTR models without Ground Truth Material Phillip Benjamin Ströbel, Martin Volk, Simon Clematide, Raphael Schwitter, Tobias Hodel and David Schoch
581 Emotion analysis and detection during COVID-19 Tiberiu Sosea, Chau Thi Minh Pham, Alexander Tekle, Cornelia Caragea and Junyi Jessy Li
582 A Unifying View On Task-oriented Dialogue Annotation Vojtěch Hudeček, leon-paul Schaub, Daniel Stancl, Patrick Paroubek and Ondřej Dušek
583 Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks for Lightweight Diacritics Restoration Bálint Csanády and András Lukács
584 A Simple Yet Effective Corpus Construction Method for Chinese Sentence Compression Yang Zhao, Hiroshi Kanayama, Issei Yoshida, Masayasu Muraoka and Akiko Aizawa
585 Development of a Multilingual CCG Treebank via Universal Dependencies Conversion Tu-Anh Tran and Yusuke Miyao
590 Attention is All you Need for Robust Temporal Reasoning Lis Kanashiro Pereira
595 VISA: An Ambiguous Subtitles Dataset for Visual Scene-aware Machine Translation Yihang Li, Shuichiro Shimizu, Weiqi Gu, Chenhui Chu and Sadao Kurohashi
596 JaMIE: A Pipeline Japanese Medical Information Extraction System with Novel Relation Annotation Fei Cheng, Shuntaro Yada, Ribeka Tanaka, Eiji ARAMAKI and Sadao Kurohashi
597 Syntactic-driven Approach for Semantic Role Labeling Yuanhe Tian, Han Qin, Fei Xia and Yan Song
598 Image Description Dataset for Language Learners Kento Tanaka, Taichi Nishimura, Hiroaki Nanjo, Keisuke Shirai, Hirotaka Kameko and Masatake Dantsuji
599 Automating Horizon Scanning in Future Studies Tatsuya Ishigaki, Suzuko Nishino, Sohei Washino, Hiroki Igarashi, Yukari Nagai, Yuichi Washida and Akihiko Mural
600 A Benchmark Dataset for Multi-Level Complexity-Controllable Machine Translation Kazuki Tani, Ryoya Yuasa, Kazuki Takikawa, Akihiro Tamura, Tomoyuki Kajiwara, Takashi Ninomiya and Tsuneo Kato
601 HashSet - A Dataset For Hashtag Segmentation Prashant Kodali, Akshala Bhatnagar, Naman Ahuja, Manish Shrivastava and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
602 BehanceCC: A ChitChat Detection Dataset For Livestreaming Video Transcripts Viet Dac Lai, Amir Pouran Ben Veyseh, Franck Dernoncourt and Thien Huu Nguyen
603 Towards the Detection of a Semantic Gap in the Chain of Commonsense Knowledge Triples Yoshihiko Hayashi
604 IRAC: A Domain-specific Annotated Corpus of Implicit Reasoning in Arguments Keshav Singh, Naoya Inoue, Farjana Sultana Mim, Shoichi Naito and Kentaro Inui
605 QT30: A Corpus of Argument and Conflict in Broadcast Debate Annette Hautli-Janisz, Zlata Kikteva, Wassiliki Siskou, Kamila Gorska, Ray Becker and Chris Reed
606 Validity, Agreement, Consensuality and Annotated Data Quality Anaëlle Baledent, Yann Mathet, Antoine Widlöcher, Christophe Couronne and Jean-Luc Manguin
607 Enhanced Entity Annotations for Multilingual Corpora Michael Strobl, Amine Trabelsi and Osmar Zaïane
612 A Hmong Corpus with Elaborate Expression Annotations David R. Mortensen, Xinyu Zhang, Chenxuan Cui and Katherine J. Zhang
617 ELAL: An Emotion Lexicon for the Analysis of Alsatian Theatre Plays Delphine Bernhard and Pablo Ruiz Fabo
619 Classifying Implant-Bearing Patients via their Medical Histories: a Pre-Study on Swedish EMRs with Semi-Supervised GanBERT Marina Santini
620 A Multi-source Graph Representation of the Movie Domain for Recommendation Dialogues Analysis Antonio Origlia, Martina Di Bratto, Maria Di Maro and Sabrina Mennella
621 Improving Event Duration Question Answering by Leveraging Existing Temporal Information Extraction Data Felix Giovanni Virgo, Fei Cheng and Sadao Kurohashi
622 Enhancing Relation Extraction via Adversarial Multi-task Learning Han Qin, Yuanhe Tian and Yan Song
623 Universal Dependencies for Western Sierra Puebla Nahuatl Robert Pugh, Marivel Huerta Mendez, Mitsuya Sasaki and Francis Tyers
625 The Automatic Extraction of Linguistic Biomarkers as a Viable Solution for the Early Diagnosis of Mental Disorders Gloria Gagliardi and Fabio Tamburini
626 MuLVE, A Multi-Language Vocabulary Evaluation Data Set Anik Jacobsen, Salar Mohtaj and Sebastian Möller
627 Generating Artificial Texts as Substitution or Complement of Training Data Vincent Claveau, Antoine Chaffin and Ewa Kijak
630 A Comparative Cross Language View On Acted Databases Portraying Basic Emotions Utilising Machine Learning Felix Burkhardt, Anabell Hacker, Uwe Reichel, Hagen Wierstorf, Florian Eyben and Björn W. Schuller
631 ALEXSIS: A Dataset for Lexical Simplification in Spanish Daniel Ferrés and Horacio Saggion
632 Integrating a Phrase Structure Corpus Grammar and a Lexical-Semantic Network: the HOLINET Knowledge Graph Jean-Philippe Prost
633 The Universal Anaphora Scorer Juntao Yu, Sopan Khosla, Nafise Sadat Moosavi, Silviu Paun, Sameer Pradhan and Massimo Poesio
634 Cross-lingual and Cross-domain Transfer Learning for Automatic Term Extraction from Low Resource Data Amir Hazem, Merieme Bouhandi, Florian Boudin and Beatrice Daille
636 Nkululeko: A Tool For Rapid Speaker Characteristics Detection Felix Burkhardt, Johannes Wagner, Hagen Wierstorf, Florian Eyben and Björn W. Schuller
637 Give me your Intentions, I’ll Predict your Actions: A Two-level Classification of Speech Acts for Crisis Management in Social Media Enzo laurenti, Nils Bourgon, Farah Benamara, Alda Mari, Véronique MORICEAU and Camille Courgeon
638 Placing M-Phasis on the Plurality of Hate: A Feature-Based Corpus of Hate Online Dana Ruiter, Liane Reiners, Ashwin Geet D'Sa, Thomas Kleinbauer, Dominique Fohr, Irina Illina, Dietrich Klakow, Christian Schemer and Angeliki Monnier
639 Animacy Denoting German Nouns: Annotation and Classification Manfred Klenner and Anne Göhring
640 Using Linguistic Typology to Enrich Multilingual Lexicons: the Case of Lexical Gaps in Kinship Temuulen Khishigsuren, Gábor Bella, Khuyagbaatar Batsuren, Abed Alhakim Freihat, Nandu Chandran Nair, Amarsanaa Ganbold, Hadi Khalilia, Yamini Chandrashekar and fausto giunchiglia
641 An Analysis of Dialogue Act Sequence Similarity Across Multiple Domains Ayesha Enayet and Gita Sukthankar
643 Scaling up Discourse Quality Annotation for Political Science Neele Falk and Gabriella Lapesa
644 GGPONC 2.0 - The German Clinical Guideline Corpus for Oncology: Curation Workflow, Annotation Policy, Baseline NER Taggers Florian Borchert, Christina Lohr, Luise Modersohn, Jonas Witt, Thomas Langer, Markus Follmann, Matthias Gietzelt, Bert Arnrich, Udo Hahn and Matthieu-P. Schapranow
647 Inducing Discourse Marker Inventories from Lexical Knowledge Graphs Christian Chiarcos
650 Evaluation of Off-the-shelf Speech Recognizers on Different Accents in a Dialogue Domain Divya Tadimeti, Kallirroi Georgila and David Traum
651 Impact Analysis of the Use of Speech and Language Models Pretrained by Self-Supersivion for Spoken Language Undestanding salima mdhaffar, Valentin Pelloin, Antoine Caubrière, Gaëlle Laperriere, Sahar Ghannay, Bassam Jabaian, Nathalie Camelin and Yannick Estève
652 RUSAVIC Corpus: Russian Audio-Visual Speech in Cars Denis Ivanko, Alexandr Axyonov, Dmitry Ryumin, Alexey Kashevnik and Alexey Karpov
654 Named Entity Recognition in Estonian 19th Century Parish Court Records Siim Orasmaa, Kadri Muischnek, Kristjan Poska and Anna Edela
655 The Spoken Language Understanding MEDIA Benchmark Dataset in the Era of Deep Learning: data updates, training and evaluation tools Gaëlle Laperrière, Valentin Pelloin, Antoine Caubrière, salima mdhaffar, Nathalie Camelin, Sahar Ghannay, Bassam Jabaian and Yannick Estève
658 Challenging the Assumption of Structure-based embeddings in Few- and Zero-shot Knowledge Graph Completion Filip Cornell, Chenda zhang, Jussi Karlgren and Sarunas Girdzijauskas
659 Dialogue Collection for Recording the Process of Building Common Ground in a Collaborative Task Koh Mitsuda, Ryuichiro Higashinaka, Yuhei Oga and Sen Yoshida
660 Polar Quantification of Actor Noun Phrases for German Anne Göhring and Manfred Klenner
661 Evaluating Pretraining Strategies for Clinical BERT Models Anastasios Lamproudis, Aron Henriksson and Hercules Dalianis
662 Czech Dataset for Cross-lingual Subjectivity Classification Pavel Přibáň and Josef Steinberger
664 Adversarial Speech Generation and Natural Speech Recovery for Speech Content Protection Sheng Li, Jiyi Li, Qianying Liu and Zhuo Gong
665 Story Trees: Representing Documents using Topological Persistence Pantea Haghighatkhah, Antske Fokkens, Pia Sommerauer, Bettina Speckmann and Kevin Verbeek
667 Towards Latvian WordNet Peteris Paikens, Mikus Grasmanis, Agute Klints, Ilze Lokmane, Lauma Pretkalniņa, Laura Rituma, Madara Stāde and Laine Strankale
670 COPA-SSE: Semi-structured Explanations for Commonsense Reasoning Ana Brassard, Benjamin Heinzerling, Pride Kavumba and Kentaro Inui
671 Dataset of Student Solutions to Algorithm and Data Structure Programming Assignments Fynn Schröder, Marcus Soll, Louis Kobras, Melf Johannsen, Peter Kling and Chris Biemann
672 Corpus for Automatic Structuring of Legal Documents Prathamesh Kalamkar, Aman Tiwari, Astha Agarwal, Saurabh Karn, Smita Gupta, Vivek Raghavan and Ashutosh Modi
673 Constrained Language Models for Interactive Poem Generation Andrei Popescu-Belis, Àlex R. Atrio, Valentin Minder, Aris Xanthos, Gabriel Luthier, Simon Mattei and Antonio Rodriguez
674 D3: A Massive Dataset of Scholarly Metadata for Analyzing the State of Computer Science Research Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Ruas, Saif Mohammad and Bela Gipp
675 Constructing a Culinary Interview Dialogue Corpus with Video Conferencing Tool Taro Okahisa, Ribeka Tanaka, Takashi Kodama, Yin Jou Huang and Sadao Kurohashi
676 Query Obfuscation by Semantic Decomposition Danushka Bollegala, Tomoya Machide and Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
678 A First Corpus of AZee Discourse Expressions Camille Challant and Michael Filhol
680 A Large-Scale Japanese Dataset for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Yuki Nakayama, Koji Murakami, Gautam Kumar, Sudha Bhingradive and Ikuko Hardaway
683 SciPar: A Collection of Parallel Corpora from Scientific Abstracts Dimitrios Roussis, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Prokopis Prokopidis, Stelios Piperidis and Vassilis Katsouros
685 Building Sentiment Lexicons for Mainland Scandinavian Languages Using Machine Translation and Sentence Embeddings Peng Liu, Cristina Marco and Jon Atle Gulla
686 Constructing Parallel Corpora from COVID-19 News using MediSys Metadata Dimitrios Roussis, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Sokratis Sofianopoulos, Prokopis Prokopidis and Stelios Piperidis
687 Investigating Independence vs. Control: Agenda-Setting in Russian News Coverage on Social Media Annerose Eichel, Gabriella Lapesa and Sabine Schulte im Walde
688 Developing Language Resources and NLP Tools for the North Korean Language Arda Akdemir, Yeojoo Jeon and Tetsuo Shibuya
690 The Construction and Evaluation of the LEAFTOP Dataset of Automatically Extracted Nouns in 1480 Languages Gregory Baker and Diego Molla
692 CxLM: A Construction and Context-aware Language Model Yu-Hsiang Tseng, Cing-Fang Shih, Pin-Er Chen, Hsin-Yu Chou, Mao-Chang Ku and Shu-Kai HSIEH
694 HeLI-OTS, Off-the-shelf Language Identifier for Text Tommi Jauhiainen, Heidi Jauhiainen and Krister Lindén
696 Tracing Syntactic Change in the Scientific Genre: Two Universal Dependency-parsed Diachronic Corpora of Scientific English and German Marie-Pauline Krielke, Luigi Talamo, Mahmoud Fawzi and Jörg Knappen
698 Developing a Dataset of Overridden Information in Wikipedia Masatoshi Tsuchiya and Yasutaka Yokoi
699 From Pattern to Interpretation. Using Colibri Core to Detect Translation Patterns in the Peshitta. Mathias Coeckelbergs
700 How Much Context Span is Enough? Examining Context-Related Issues for Document-level MT Sheila Castilho
701 Study of Overlaps and Gender Annotations in the Context of Broadcast Media Martin Lebourdais, Marie Tahon, Antoine LAURENT, Sylvain Meignier and Anthony Larcher
702 Clarifying Implicit and Underspecified Phrases in Instructional Text Talita Anthonio, Anna Sauer and Michael Roth
703 JGLUE: Japanese General Language Understanding Evaluation Kentaro Kurihara, Daisuke Kawahara and Tomohide Shibata
704 Enriching Epidemiological Thematic Features For Disease Surveillance Corpora Classification Edmond Menya, Mathieu Roche, Roberto Interdonato and Dickson Owuor
705 Speech Aerodynamics Database: Tools and Visualisation Shi YU, Clara Ponchard, Roland Trouville, Sergio Hassid and Didier Demolin
706 ParCorFull2.0: a Parallel Corpus Annotated with Full Coreference Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski, Pedro Augusto Ferreira, Elina Lartaud and Christian Hardmeier
707 Huqariq: A Multilingual Speech Corpus of Native Languages of Peru forSpeech Recognition Rodolfo Zevallos, Luis Camacho and Nelsi Melgarejo
708 Using the LARA Little Prince to compare human and TTS audio quality Elham Akhlaghi, Ingibjörg Iða Auðunardóttir, Anna Bączkowska, Branislav Bédi, Hakeem Beedar, Harald Berthelsen, Cathy Chua, Catia Cucchiarin, Hanieh Habibi, Ivana Horváthová, Junta Ikeda, Christèle Maizonniaux, Neasa Ní Chiaráin, Chadi Raheb, Manny Rayner, John Sloan, Nikos Tsourakis and Chunlin Yao
710 Cyberbullying Classifiers are Sensitive to Model-Agnostic Perturbations Chris Emmery, Ákos Kádár, Grzegorz Chrupała and Walter Daelemans
712 The Chinese Causative-Passive Homonymy Disambiguation: an adversarial Dataset for NLI and a Probing Task Shanshan Xu and Katja Markert
719 Writing System and Speaker Metadata for 2,800+ Language Varieties Daan van Esch, Tamar Lucassen, Sebastian Ruder, Isaac Caswell and Clara Rivera
721 Do we Name the Languages we Study? The #BenderRule in LREC and ACL articles Fanny Ducel, Karën Fort, Gaël Lejeune and Yves Lepage
722 MMChat: Multi-Modal Chat Dataset on Social Media Yinhe Zheng, Guanyi Chen, Xin Liu and Jian Sun
723 Borrowing or Codeswitching? Annotating for Finer-Grained Distinctions in Language Mixing Elena Alvarez-Mellado and Constantine Lignos
724 Conversational Speech Recognition Needs Data? Experiments with Austrian German Julian Linke, Philip N. Garner, Gernot Kubin and Barbara Schuppler
728 GLoHBCD: A Naturalistic German Dataset for Language of Health Behaviour Change on Online Support Forums Selina Meyer and David Elsweiler
729 Building Static Embeddings from Contextual Ones: Is It Useful for Building Distributional Thesauri? Olivier Ferret
730 The Multimodal Annotation Software Tool (MAST) Bruno Cardoso and Neil Cohn
733 Standardisation of Dialect Comments in Social Networks in View of Sentiment Analysis : Case of Tunisian Dialect Saméh Kchaou, rahma boujelbane, Emna Fsih and Lamia Hadrich-Belguith
734 Towards a Broad Coverage Named Entity Resource: A Data-Efficient Approach for Many Diverse Languages Silvia Severini, Ayyoob ImaniGooghari, Philipp Dufter and Hinrich Schütze
735 The PALMA Corpora of African Varieties of Portuguese Tjerk Hagemeijer, Amália Mendes, Rita Gonçalves, Catarina Cornejo, Raquel Madureira and Michel Généreux
738 A Japanese Dataset for Subjective and Objective Sentiment Polarity Classification in Micro Blog Domain Haruya Suzuki, Yuto Miyauchi, Kazuki Akiyama, Tomoyuki Kajiwara, Takashi Ninomiya, Noriko Takemura, Yuta Nakashima and Hajime Nagahara
740 A Learning-Based Dependency to Constituency Conversion Algorithm for the Turkish Language Büşra Marşan, Oğuz K. Yıldız, Aslı Kuzgun, Neslihan Cesur, Arife B. Yenice, Ezgi Sanıyar, Oğuzhan Kuyrukçu, Bilge N. Arıcan and Olcay Taner Yıldız
741 Explainable Tsetlin Machine Framework for Fake News Detection with Credibility Score Assessment Bimal Bhattarai, Ole-Christoffer Granmo and Lei Jiao
742 The Robotic Surgery Procedural Framebank Marco Bombieri, Marco Rospocher, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Paolo Fiorini
744 UgChDial: A Uyghur Chat-based Dialogue Corpus for Response Space Classification Zulipiye Yusupujiang and Jonathan Ginzburg
745 Compiling a Suitable Level of Sense Granularity in a Lexicon for AI Purposes: The Open Source COR Lexicon Bolette Pedersen, Nathalie Carmen Hau Sørensen, Sanni Nimb, Sussi Olsen, Ida Flørke and Thomas Troelsgård
746 PATATRA and PATAFreq: two French databases for the documentation of within-speaker variability in speech Cécile Fougeron, Nicolas Audibert, cedric Gendrot, Estelle Chardenon and Louise Wohmann
749 A Speculative and Tentative Common Ground Handling for Efficient Composition of Uncertain Dialogue Saki Sudo, Kyoshiro Asano, Koh Mitsuda, Ryuichiro Higashinaka and Yugo Takeuchi
750 ELF22: A Context-based Counter-Trolling Dataset to Combat Internet Trolls Huije Lee, Young Ju NA, Hoyun Song, Jisu Shin and Jong Park
751 A Multi-Party Dialogue Ressource in French Maria Boritchev and Maxime Amblard
753 GRhOOT: Ontology of Rhetorical Figures in German Ramona Kühn, Jelena Mitrović and Michael Granitzer
754 Unmasking the Myth of Effortless Big Data - Building an Open Source Multi-lingual Infrastructure from Scratch Linda Wiechetek, Katri Hiovain-Asikainen, Inga Lill Sigga Mikkelsen, Sjur Moshagen, Flammie A. Pirinen, Trond Trosterud and Børre Gaup
757 Generating Monolingual Dataset for Low Resource Language Bodo from old books using Google Keep Sanjib Narzary, Maharaj Brahma, Mwnthai Narzary, Gwmsrang Muchahary, Pranav Kumar Singh, Apurbalal Senapati, Sukumar Nandi and Bidisha Som
759 A Thesaurus-based Sentiment Lexicon for Danish: The Danish Sentiment Lexicon Sanni Nimb, Sussi Olsen, Bolette Pedersen and Thomas Troelsgård
760 PAGnol: An Extra-Large French Generative Model Julien Launay, E.L. Tommasone, Baptiste Pannier, François Boniface, Amélie Chatelain, Alessandro Cappelli, Iacopo Poli and Djamé Seddah
762 ClinIDMap: Clinical IDs Mapping for Data Interoperability Elena Zotova, Montse Cuadros and German Rigau
763 Hate Speech Dynamics Against African descent, Roma and LGBTQI Communities in Portugal Paula Carvalho, Bernardo Cunha, Raquel Santos, Fernando Batista and Ricardo Ribeiro
764 Multi-Aspect Transfer Learning for Detecting Low Resource Mental Disorders on Social Media Ana Sabina Uban, Berta Chulvi and Paolo Rosso
766 Polysemy in Spoken Conversations and Written Texts Aina Garí Soler, Matthieu Labeau and Chloé Clavel
767 SLäNDa version 2.0: Improved and Extended Annotation of Narrative and Dialogue in Swedish Literature Sara Stymne and Carin Östman
769 Bicleaner AI: Bicleaner Goes Neural Jaume Zaragoza-Bernabeu, Gema Ramírez-Sánchez, Marta Bañón and Sergio Ortiz Rojas
770 A Benchmark Corpus for the Detection of Automatically Generated Text in Academic Publications Vijini Liyanage, Davide Buscaldi and Adeline Nazarenko
771 The Makerere Radio Speech Corpus: A Luganda Radio Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition Jonathan Mukiibi, Ali Hussein, Joshua Meyer, Andrew Katumba and Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende
774 Multidimensional Coding of Multimodal Languaging in Multi-Party Settings Christophe Parisse, Marion Blondel, Stéphanie Caët, Claire Danet, Coralie Vincent and Aliyah Morgenstern
775 The Copenhagen Corpus of Eye Tracking Recordings from Natural Reading of Danish Texts Nora Hollenstein, Maria Barrett and Marina Björnsdóttir
778 Far-Field Speaker Recognition Benchmark Derived From The DiPCo Corpus Mickael Rouvier and Mohammad Mphammadamini
779 Pro-TEXT: an Annotated Corpus of Keystroke Logs Aleksandra Miletic, Christophe Benzitoun, Georgeta Cislaru and Santiago Herrera-Yanez
780 Querying a Dozen Corpora and a Thousand Years with Fintan Christian Chiarcos, Christian Fäth and Maxim Ionov
781 Standard German Subtitling of Swiss German TV content: the PASSAGE Project Jonathan David Mutal, Pierrette Bouillon, Johanna Gerlach and Veronika Haberkorn
783 Sentence Pair Embeddings Based Evaluation Metric for Abstractive and Extractive Summarization Ramya Akula and Ivan Garibay
784 ArCovidVac: Analyzing Arabic Tweets About COVID-19 Vaccination Hamdy Mubarak, Sabit Hassan, Shammur Absar Chowdhury and Firoj Alam
785 Generating Textual Explanations for Machine Learning Models Performance: A Table-to-Text Task Isaac Ampomah, James Burton, Amir Enshaei and Noura Al Moubayed
786 BRATECA (Brazilian Tertiary Care Dataset): a Clinical Information Dataset for the Portuguese Language Bernardo Consoli, Henrique D. P. dos Santos, Ana Helena D. P. S. Ulbrich, Renata Vieira and Rafael H. Bordini
787 Evolving Large Text Corpora: Four Versions of the Icelandic Gigaword Corpus Steinþór Steingrímsson, Starkaður Barkarson and Hildur Hafsteinsdóttir
789 TANDO: A Corpus for Document-level Machine Translation Harritxu Gete, Thierry Etchegoyhen, David Ponce, Gorka Labaka, Nora Aranberri, Ander Corral, Xabier Saralegi, Igor Ellakuria and Maite Martin
792 MOTIF: Contextualized Images for Complex Words to Improve Human Reading Xintong Wang, Florian Schneider, Özge Alacam, Prateek Chaudhury and Chris Biemann
796 BaSCo: An Annotated Basque-Spanish Code-Switching Corpus for Natural Language Understanding Maia Aguirre, Laura García-Sardiña, Manex Serras, Ariane Méndez and Jacobo López
797 Open Terminology Management and Sharing Toolkit for Federation of Terminology Databases Andis Lagzdiņš, Uldis Siliņš, Toms Bergmanis, Mārcis Pinnis, Artūrs Vasiļevskis and Andrejs Vasiļjevs
799 Constructing Distributions of Variation in Referring Expression Type from Corpora for Model Evaluation T. Mark Ellison and Fahime Same
801 Using Convolution Neural Network with BERT for Stance Detection in Vietnamese Oanh Thi Tran, Anh Cong Phung and Bach Xuan Ngo
802 MT4All: Machine Translation For All Ona de Gibert Bonet, Iakes Goenaga, Olatz Perez-de-Viñaspre, Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Carla Parra Escartín, Marina Sanchez, Mārcis Pinnis, Gorka Labaka and Maite Melero
804 Out-of-Domain Evaluation of Finnish Dependency Parsing Jenna Kanerva and Filip Ginter
805 Efficient Entity Candidate Generation for Low-Resource Languages Alberto Garcia-Duran, Akhil Arora and Robert West
806 Exploring Text Recombination for Automatic Narrative Level Detection Nils Reiter, Judith Sieker, Svenja Guhr, Evelyn Gius and Sina Zarrieß
808 The Bull and the Bear: Summarizing Stock Market Discussions Ayush Kumar, Dhyey Jani, Jay Shah, Devanshu Thakar, Varun Jain and Mayank Singh
811 Analysis of Dialogue in Human-Human Collaboration in Minecraft Takuma Ichikawa and Ryuichiro Higashinaka
812 Linghub2: Language Resource Discovery Tool for Language Technologies Cécile Robin, Gautham Vadakkekara Suresh, Víctor Rodriguez-Doncel, John P. McCrae and Paul Buitelaar
813 Data Collection for Empirically Determining the Necessary Information for Smooth Handover in Dialogue Sanae Yamashita and Ryuichiro Higashinaka
814 The Index Thomisticus Treebank as Linked Data in the LiLa Knowledge BaseThe Index Thomisticus Treebank as Linked Data in the LiLa Knowledge Base Francesco Mambrini, Marco Passarotti, Giovanni Moretti and Matteo Pellegrini
816 Extracting and Analysing Metaphors in Migration Media Discourse: towards a Metaphor Annotation Scheme Ana Zwitter Vitez, Mojca Brglez, Marko Robnik Šikonja, Tadej Škvorc, Andreja Vezovnik and Senja Pollak
819 Language Resources to Support Language Diversity – the ELRA Achievements Valérie Mapelli, Victoria Arranz, Khalid Choukri and Hélène Mazo
820 BasqueGLUE: Natural Language Understanding Benchmark for Basque Gorka Urbizu, Iñaki San Vicente, Xabier Saralegi, Rodrigo Agerri and Aitor Soroa
823 Afaan Oromo Hate Speech Detection and Classification on Social Media Teshome Ababu and Michael Melese
824 Challenges with Sign Language Datasets for Sign Language Recognition and Translation Mirella De Sisto, Vincent Vandeghinste, Santiago Egea Gómez, Mathieu De Coster and Dimitar Shterionov
826 Semi-automatically Annotated Learner Corpus for Russian Anisia Katinskaia, Maria Lebedeva, Jue Hou and Roman Yangarber
827 Complementary Learning of Aspect Terms for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Han Qin, Yuanhe Tian, Fei Xia and Yan Song
829 A Low-Cost Motion Capture Corpus in French Sign Language for Interpreting Iconicity and Spatial Referencing Mechanisms Clémence Mertz, Vincent BARREAUD, Thibaut Le Naour, Damien Lolive and Sylvie Gibet
830 COVID-19 Mythbusters in World Languages Mana Ashida, Jin-Dong Kim and Lee J. Seunghun
833 Singlish Where Got Rules One? Constructing a Computational Grammar for Singlish Siew Yeng Chow and Francis Bond
835 DDisCo: A Discourse Coherence Dataset for Danish Linea Flansmose Mikkelsen, Oliver Kinch, Anders Jess Pedersen and Ophélie Lacroix
836 UniMorph 4.0: Universal Morphology Khuyagbaatar Batsuren, Omer Goldman, Salam Khalifa, Nizar Habash, Witold Kieraś, Gábor Bella, Brian Leonard, Garrett Nicolai, Yustinus Ghanggo Ate, Maria Ryskina, Kyle Gorman, Sabrina J. Mielke, Charbel El-Khaissi, Tiago Pimentel, Michael Gasser, William Abbott Lane, Matt Coler, Jaime Rafael Montoya Samame, Delio Siticonatzi Camaiteri, Esaú Zumaeta Rojas, Didier López Francis, Arturo Oncevay, Juan López Bautista, Gema Celeste Silva Villegas, Lucas Torroba Hennigen, Adam Ek, Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Andrey Scherbakov, Aziyana Bayyr-ool, Antonios Anastasopoulos, Roberto Zariquiey, Karina Sheifer, Sofya Ganieva, Matvey Plugaryov, Elena Klyachko, Ali Salehi, Candy Angulo, Andrew Krizhanovsky, Natalia Krizhanovskaya, Elizabeth Salesky, Clara Vania, Sardana Ivanova, Jennifer White, Rowan Hall Maudslay, Josef Valvoda, Ran Zmigrod, Paula Czarnowska, Irene Nikkarinen, Aelita Salchak, Christopher Straughn, Zoey Liu, Jonathan North Washington, Yuval Pinter, Duygu Ataman, Marcin Wolinski, Totok Suhardijanto, Anna Yablonskaya, Niklas Stoehr, Zahroh Nuriah, Francis M. Tyers, Edoardo M. Ponti, Grant Aiton, Aryaman Arora, Richard J. Hatcher, Ritesh Kumar, Mohit Raj, Daria Rodionova, Anastasia Yemelina, Dorina Lakatos, Hilaria Cruz, Botond Barta, Gábor Szolnok, Judit Ács, Taras Andrushko, Igor Marchenko, Polina Mashkovtseva, Alexandra Serova, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Maria Nepomniashchaya, Elena Budianskaya, Eleanor Chodroff, Mans Hulden, Miikka Silfverberg, fausto giunchiglia, David Yarowsky, Ryan Cotterell, Reut Tsarfaty and Ekaterina Vylomova
838 At the Intersection of NLP and Sustainable Development: Exploring the Impact of Demographic-Aware Text Representations in Modeling Value on a Corpus of Interviews Goya van Boven, Stephanie Hirmer and Costanza Conforti
840 AGILe: The First Lemmatizer for Ancient Greek Inscriptions Evelien de Graaf, Silvia Stopponi, Jasper K. Bos, Saskia Peels-Matthey and Malvina Nissim
841 On the Multilingual Capabilities of Very Large-Scale English Language Models Jordi Armengol-Estapé, Ona de Gibert Bonet and Maite Melero
843 Evaluation of Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation for Analyzing German-Speaking Job Advertisements Ann-Sophie Gnehm, Eva Bühlmann and Simon Clematide
844 How to be FAIR when you CARE: The DGS Corpus as a Case Study of Open Science Resources for Minority Languages Marc Schulder and Thomas Hanke
845 AppReddit: a Corpus of Reddit Posts Annotated for Appraisal Marco Antonio Stranisci, Simona Frenda, Eleonora Ceccaldi, Valerio Basile, Rossana Damiano and Viviana Patti
846 Evaluating Tokenizers Impact on OOVs Representation with Transformers Models Alexandra Benamar, Cyril Grouin, Meryl Bothua and Anne Vilnat
847 Textinator: an Internationalized Tool for Annotation and Human Evaluation in Natural Language Processing and Generation Dmytro Kalpakchi and Johan Boye
848 Creating a Data Set of Abstractive Summaries of Turn-labeled Spoken Human-Computer Conversations Virginia Meijer and Iris Hendrickx
850 The slurk Interaction Server Framework: Better Data for Better Dialog Models Jana Götze, Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann, Wencke Liermann, Tim Diekmann and David Schlangen
851 Spanish Datasets for Sensitive Entity Detection in the Legal Domain Ona de Gibert Bonet, Aitor García Pablos, Montse Cuadros and Maite Melero
853 AsNER - Annotated Dataset and Baselines for Assamese Named Entity recognition Dhrubajyoti Pathak, Sukumar Nandi and Priyankoo Sarmah
855 Deep One-Class Hate Speech Detection Model saugata bose and Dr. Guoxin Su
860 Evaluating Subtitle Segmentation for End-to-end Generation Systems Alina Karakanta, François Buet, Mauro Cettolo and François Yvon
864 E-ConvRec: A Large-Scale Conversational Recommendation Dataset for E-Commerce Customer Service meihuizi jia, Ruixue Liu, Peiying Wang, Yang Song, Zexi Xi, Haobin Li, Xin Shen, Meng Chen, Jinhui Pang and Xiaodong He
865 Design Choices in Crowdsourcing Discourse Relation Annotations: The Effect of Worker Selection and Training Merel Scholman, Valentina Pyatkin, Frances Yung, Ido Dagan, Reut Tsarfaty and Vera Demberg
867 Building large multilingual conversational corpora for diversity-aware language science and technology Andreas Liesenfeld and Mark Dingemanse
869 ConvTextTM: An Explainable Convolutional Tsetlin Machine Framework for Text Classification Bimal Bhattarai, Ole-Christoffer Granmo and Lei Jiao
870 EnsyNet: A Dataset for Encouragement and Sympathy Detection Tiberiu Sosea and Cornelia Caragea
872 The Tembusu Treebank: An English Learner Treebank Luís Morgado da Costa, Francis Bond and Roger V. P. Winder
873 Automatic Normalisation of Early Modern French Rachel Bawden, Jonathan Poinhos, Eleni Kogkitsidou, Philippe Gambette, Benoît Sagot and Simon Gabay
874 Italian NLP for Everyone: Resources and Models from EVALITA to the European Language Grid Valerio Basile, Cristina Bosco, Michael Fell, Viviana Patti and Rossella Varvara
875 From FreEM to D’AlemBERT: a Large Corpus and a Language Model for Early Modern French Simon Gabay, Pedro Javier Ortiz Suarez, Alexandre BARTZ, Alix Chagué, Rachel Bawden, Philippe Gambette and Benoît Sagot
876 Barch: an English Dataset of Bar Chart Summaries Iza Škrjanec, Muhammad Salman Edhi and Vera Demberg
877 PoliBERTweet: A Pre-trained Language Model for Analyzing Political Content on Twitter Kornraphop Kawintiranon and Lisa Singh
878 Enhancing Deep Learning with Embedded Features for Arabic Named Entity Recognition Ali L. Hatab, Caroline Sabty and Slim Abdennadher
880 A Survey of Multilingual Models for Automatic Speech Recognition Hemant Yadav and Sunayana Sitaram
881 gaHealth: An English–Irish Bilingual Corpus of Health Data Seamus Lankford, Haithem Afli, Órla Ní Loinsigh and Andy Way
882 Building a Dataset for Automatically Learning to Detect Questions Requiring Clarification Ivano Lauriola, Kevin Small and Alessandro Moschitti
884 Identifying Draft Bills Impacting Existing Legislation: a Case Study on Romanian Corina Ceausu and Sergiu Nisioi
885 SHONGLAP: A Large Bengali Open-Domain Dialogue Corpus Syed Mostofa Monsur, Sakib Chowdhury, Md Shahrar Fatemi and Shafayat Ahmed
886 Evaluating Sampling-based Filler Insertion for Spontaneous TTS Siyang Wang, joakim gustafson and Éva Székely
887 CyberAgressionAdo-v1: a Dataset of Annotated Online Aggressions in French Collected through a Role-playing Game Anaïs Ollagnier, Elena Cabrio, Serena Villata and Catherine Blaya
890 HerBERT Based Language Model Detects Quantifiers and Their Semantic Properties in Polish Marcin Woliński, Bartłomiej Nitoń, Witold Kieraś and Jakub Szymanik
891 Sense and Sentiment Francis Bond and Merrick Choo
892 What a Creole Wants, What a Creole Needs Heather Lent, Kelechi Ogueji, Miryam de Lhoneux, Orevaoghene Ahia and Anders Søgaard
893 CATs are Fuzzy PETs: A Corpus and Analysis of Potentially Euphemistic Terms Martha Gavidia, Patrick Lee, Anna Feldman and JIng Peng
894 KSoF: The Kassel State of Fluency Dataset – A Therapy Centered Dataset of Stuttering Sebastian Peter Bayerl, Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, Florian Hönig, Elmar Noeth and Korbinian Riedhammer
896 A Semi-Automatic Approach to Create Large Gender- and Age-Balanced Speaker Corpora: Usefulness of Speaker Diarization & Identification. Rémi Uro, David Doukhan, Albert Rilliard, Laetitia Larcher, Anissa-Claire Adgharouamane, Marie Tahon and Antoine Laurent
897 The ALPIN Sentiment Dictionary: Austrian Language Polarity in Newspapers Thomas Kolb, Sekanina Katharina, Bettina Manuela Johanna Kern, Julia Neidhardt, Tanja Wissik and Andreas Baumann
900 A Comparison of Praising Skills in Face-to-Face and Remote Dialogues Toshiki Onishi, Asahi Ogushi, Yohei Tahara, Ryo Ishii, Atsushi Fukayama, Takao Nakamura and Akihiro Miyata
902 EZCAT: an Easy Conversation Annotation Tool Gaël Guibon, Luce Lefeuvre, Matthieu Labeau and Chloé Clavel
903 MUSS: Multilingual Unsupervised Sentence Simplification by Mining Paraphrases Louis Raphaël Théo Martin, Angela Fan, Éric de la Clergerie, Antoine Bordes and Benoît Sagot
905 COSMOS: Experimental and Comparative Studies of Concept Representations in Schoolchildren Jeanne Villaneau and Farida SAID
906 PortiLexicon-UD: a Portuguese Lexical Resource according to Universal Dependencies Model Lucelene Lopes, Magali SanxhSanches es Duran, Paulo Fernandes and Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo
908 A Language Modelling Approach to Quality Assessment of OCR'ed Historical Text Callum Booth, Robert Shoemaker and Robert Gaizauskas
910 Text Classification and Prediction in the Legal Domain Minh-Quoc Nghiem, Paul Baylis, André Freitas and Sophia Ananiadou
911 LuxemBERT: Simple and Practical Data Augmentation in Language Model Pre-Training for Luxembourgish Cedric Lothritz, Bertrand Lebichot, Kevin Allix, Lisa Veiber, TEGAWENDE BISSYANDE, Jacques Klein, Andrey Boytsov, Clément Lefebvre and Anne Goujon
912 Modeling the Impact of Syntactic Distance and Surprisal on Cross-Slavic Text Comprehension Irina Stenger
913 Universal Grammatical Dependencies for Portuguese with CINTIL Data, LX Processing and CLARIN support António Branco, João Ricardo Silva, Luís Gomes and João António Rodrigues
915 Towards a Cleaner Document-Oriented Multilingual Crawled Corpus Julien Abadji, Pedro Javier Ortiz Suarez, Laurent Romary and Benoît Sagot
918 Telling a Lie: Analyzing the Language of Information and Misinformation during Global Health Events Ankit Aich and Natalie Parde
919 SCAI-QReCC Shared Task on Conversational Question Answering Svitlana Vakulenko, Johannes Kiesel and Maik Fröbe
920 The CLAMS Platform at Work: Processing Audiovisual Data from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Marc Verhagen, Kelley Lynch, Kyeongmin Rim and James Pustejovsky
921 TArC: Tunisian Arabish Corpus, First complete release elisa gugliotta and Marco Dinarelli
922 Preliminary Results on the Evaluation of Computational Tools for the Analysis of Quechua and Aymara Marcelo Yuji Himoro and Antonio Pareja-Lora
923 Modeling Noise in Paraphrase Detection Teemu Eemeli Vahtola, Eetu Sjöblom, Jörg Tiedemann and Mathias Creutz
926 ISO based Discourse Markers Annotated Multilingual Corpus Purificação Moura Silvano, Mariana K. Damova, Giedrė Valūnaitė Oleškevičienė, Chaya Liebeskind, Christian Chiarcos, Dimitar Trajanov, Ciprian-Octavian Truică, Elena-Simona Apostol and Anna Baczkowska
928 MentSum: A Resource for Exploring Summarization of Mental Health Online Posts Sajad Sotudeh, Nazli Goharian and Zachary Young
933 Misogyny and Aggressiveness Tend to Come Together and Together We Address Them Arianna Muti, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño and Francesco Fernicola
934 ACT2: A multi-disciplinary semi-structured dataset for importance and purpose classification of citations Suchetha Nambanoor Kunnath, Valentin Stauber, Ronin Wu, David Pride, Viktor Botev and Petr Knoth
935 Building Dataset for Grounding of Formulae — Annotating Coreference Relations Among Math Identifiers Takuto Asakura, Yusuke Miyao and Akiko Aizawa
936 PerPaDa: A Persian Paraphrase Dataset based on Implicit Crowdsourcing Data Collection Salar Mohtaj, Fatemeh Tavakkoli and Habibollah Asghari
937 BEA-Base: A Benchmark for ASR of Spontaneous Hungarian Peter Mihajlik, Andras Balog, Tekla Etelka Graczi, Anna Kohari, Balázs Tarján and Katalin Mady
938 Cross-Level Semantic Similarity for Serbian Newswire Texts Vuk Batanović and Maja Miličević Petrović
941 Opinions in Interactions : New Annotations of the SEMAINE Database Valentin Barriere, Slim Essid and Chloé Clavel
943 Effectiveness of Data Augmentation and Pretraining for Improving Neural Headline Generation in Low-Resource Settings Matej Martinc, Syrielle Montariol, Lidia Pivovarova and Elaine Zosa
944 Dataset for Complex Word Identification in Hindi Gayatri Venugopal, Dhanya Pramod and Ravi Shekhar
945 Corpus Design for Studying Linguistic Nudges in Human-Computer Spoken Interactions Natalia Kalashnikova, Serge Pajak, Fabrice Le Guel, Ioana Vasilescu, Gemma Serrano and Laurence Devillers
950 SNuC: The Sheffield Numbers Spoken Language Corpus Emma Barker, Jon Barker, Robert Gaizauskas, Ning Ma and Monica Lestari Paramita
951 The Norwegian Dialect Corpus Treebank Andre Kåsen, Kristin Hagen, Anders Nøklestad, Joel Priestly, Per Erik Solberg and Dag Trygve Truslew Haug
952 Using Semantic Role Labeling to Improve Neural Machine Translation Reinhard Rapp
954 TWEET-FID: An Annotated Dataset for Multiple Foodborne Illness Detection Tasks Ruofan Hu, Dongyu Zhang, Dandan Tao, Thomas Hartvigsen, Hao Feng and Elke Rundensteiner
955 Introducing the Welsh Text Summarisation Dataset and Baseline Systems Ignatius Ezeani, Mahmoud El-Haj, Jonathan Morris and Dawn Knight
956 A Systematic Approach to Derive a Refined Speech Corpus for Sinhala Disura Warusawithana, Nilmani Kulaweera, Lakshan Weerasinghe and Buddhika Karunarathne
959 Language Patterns and Behaviour of the Peer Supporters in Multilingual Healthcare Conversational Forums Ishani Mondal, Kalika Bali, Mohit Jain, Monojit Choudhury, Jacki O'Neill, Millicent Ochieng and Kagnoya Awori
960 Assessing Multilinguality of Publicly Accessible Websites Rinalds Vīksna, Inguna Skadiņa, Raivis Skadiņš and Andrejs Vasiļjevs
964 Identifying Copied Fragments in a 18th Century Dutch Chronicle Roser Morante, Eleanor L. T. Smith, Lianne Wilhelmus, Alie Lassche and Erika Kuijpers
965 Frame Shift Prediction Zheng Xin Yong, Patrick D. Watson, Tiago Timponi Torrent, Oliver Czulo and Collin F. Baker
966 A Semi-Automated Live Interlingual Communication Workflow Featuring Intralingual Respeaking: Evaluation and Benchmarking Tomasz Korybski, Elena Davitti, Constantin Orasan and Sabine Braun
969 Named Entity Recognition to Detect Criminal Texts on the Web Paweł Skórzewski, Mikołaj Pieniowski and Grazyna Demenko
971 IndoUKC: A Concept Centered Indian Multilingual LexicalResource Nandu Chandran Nair, Rajendran S. Velayuthan, Yamini Chandrashekar, Gábor Bella and fausto giunchiglia
972 Rosetta-LSF: an Aligned Corpus of French Sign Language and French for Text-to-Sign Translation Elise Bertin-Lemée, Annelies Braffort, Camille Challant, Claire Danet, Boris Dauriac, Michael Filhol, Emmanuella Martinod and Jérémie Segouat
973 A Study of Distant Viewing of ukiyo-e prints John Pavlopoulos and Ewa Machotka
975 Elvis vs. M. Jackson: Who has More Albums? Classification and Identification of Elements in Comparative Questions Meriem Beloucif, Seid Muhie Yimam, Steffen Stahlhacke and Chris Biemann
977 Decorate the Examples: A Simple Method of Prompt Design for Biomedical Relation Extraction Hui-Syuan Yeh, Thomas Lavergne and Pierre Zweigenbaum
978 Automatic Classification of Russian Learner Errors Alla Rozovskaya
979 SPADE: A Big Five-Mturk Dataset of Argumentative Speech Enriched with Socio-Demographics for Personality Detection Elma Kerz, Yu Qiao, Sourabh Zanwar and Daniel Wiechmann
980 Resources and Experiments on Sentiment Classification for Georgian Nicolas Stefanovitch, Jakub Piskorski and Sopho Kharazi
982 Applying Automatic Text Summarization for Fake News Detection Philipp Hartl and Udo Kruschwitz
983 Effectiveness of French Language Models on Abstractive Dialogue Summarization Task Yongxin Zhou, François Portet and Fabien Ringeval
984 Comparing Annotated Datasets for Named Entity Recognition in English Literature Rositsa Ivanova, Marieke van Erp and Sabrina Kirrane
985 Towards the Construction of a WordNet for Old English Fahad Khan, Francisco J. Minaya Gómez, Rafael Cruz González, Harry Diakoff, Javier E. Diaz Vera, John P. McCrae, Ciara O'Loughlin, William Michael Short and Sander Stolk
986 Do Transformer Networks Improve the Discovery of Inference Rules from Text? Mahdi Rahimi and Mihai Surdeanu
987 On the Robustness of Cognate Generation Models Winston Wu and David Yarowsky
990 Detecting Multiple Transitions in Literary Texts Nuette Heyns and Menno van Zaanen
991 NEmo: an Affective Dataset of Gun Violence News Carley Reardon, Sejin Paik, Ge Gao, Meet Parekh, Yanling Zhao, Lei Guo, Margrit Betke and Derry Tanti Wijaya
995 Task-Driven and Experience-Based Question Answering Corpus for In-Home Robot Application in the House3D Virtual Environment zhuoqun Xu, Liubo Ouyang and Yang Liu
996 Combination of Contextualized and Non-Contextualized Layers for Lexical Substitution in French Kévin Espasa, Emmanuel Morin and Olivier Hamon
997 BERTifying Sinhala - A Comprehensive Analysis of Pre-trained Language Models for Sinhala Text Classification Vinura Dhananjaya, Piyumal Demotte, Surangika Ranathunga and Sanath Jayasena
998 TBD3: A Thresholding-Based Dynamic Depression Detection from Social Media for Low-Resource Users Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Sean MacAvaney, Nazli Goharian and Ophir Frieder
999 Multi-lingual Transfer Learning for Children Automatic Speech Recognition Thomas Rolland, Alberto Abad, Catia Cucchiarini and Helmer Strik
1001 Entity Linking over Nested Named Entities for Russian Natalia Loukachevitch, Pavel Braslavski, Vladimir Ivanov, Tatiana Batura, Suresh Manandhar, Artem Shelmanov and Elena Tutubalina
1004 MuLD: The Multitask Long Document Benchmark George Hudson and Noura Al Moubayed
1005 RefCo and its Checker: Improving Language Documentation Corpora's Reusability Through a Semi-Automatic Review Process Herbert Lange and Jocelyn Aznar
1006 The ManDi Corpus: A Spoken Corpus of Mandarin Regional Dialects Liang Zhao and Eleanor Chodroff
1009 Spoken Language Treebanks in Universal Dependencies: an Overview Kaja Dobrovoljc
1011 A new European Portuguese corpus for the study of Psychosis through speech analysis Maria Forjó, Daniel Neto, Alberto Abad, HSofia Pinto and Joaquim Gago
1014 Annotation of metaphorical expressions in the Basic Corpus of Polish Metaphors Elżbieta Hajnicz
1015 HiNER: A large Hindi Named Entity Recognition Dataset Rudra Murthy, Pallab Bhattacharjee, Rahul Sharnagat, Jyotsana Khatri, Diptesh Kanojia and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
1016 MLQE-PE: A Multilingual Quality Estimation and Post-Editing Dataset Marina Fomicheva, Shuo Sun, Erick Fonseca, Chrysoula Zerva, Frédéric Blain, Vishrav Chaudhary, Francisco Guzmán, Nina Lopatina, Lucia Specia and André F. T. Martins
1017 SpecNFS: A Challenge Dataset Towards Extracting Formal Models from Natural Language Specifications Sayontan Ghosh, Amanpreet Singh, Alex Merenstein, Wei Su, Scott A. Smolka, Erez Zadok and Niranjan Balasubramanian
1018 Investigating Inter- and Intra-speaker Voice Conversion using Audiobooks Aghilas SINI, Damien Lolive, Nelly Barbot and Pierre Alain
1019 A Multimodal German Dataset for Automatic Lip Reading Systems and Transfer Learning Gerald Schwiebert, Cornelius Weber, Leyuan Qu, Henrique Siqueira and Stefan Wermter
1020 Sentence Selection Strategies for Distilling Word Embeddings from BERT Yixiao Wang, Zied Bouraoui, Luis Espinosa Anke and Steven Schockaert
1021 IgboBERT Models: Building and Training Transformer Models for the Igbo Language Chiamaka Chukwuneke, Ignatius Ezeani, Paul Rayson and Mahmoud El-Haj
1023 RRGparbank: A Parallel Role and Reference Grammar Treebank Tatiana Bladier, Kilian Evang, Valeria Generalova, Laura Kallmeyer, Robin Möllemann, Natalia Moors, Rainer Osswald and Simon Petitjean
1024 ChiMST: A Chinese Medical Corpus for Word Segmentation and Medical Term Recognition Yuanhe Tian, Han Qin, Fei Xia and Yan Song
1025 A (Psycho-)Linguistically Motivated Scheme for Annotating and Exploring Emotions in a Genre Diversified Corpus Aline Etienne, Delphine Battistelli and Gwénolé Lecorvé
1026 Negation Detection in Dutch Spoken Human-Computer Conversations Tom Sweers, Iris Hendrickx and Helmer Strik
1027 A Study on the Ambiguity in Human Annotation of German Oral History Interviews for Perceived Emotion Recognition and Sentiment Analysis Michael Gref, Nike Matthiesen, Sreenivasa Hikkal Venugopala, Shalaka Satheesh, Aswinkumar Vijayananth, Duc Bach Ha, Sven Behnke and Joachim Köhler
1028 Pars-ABSA: a Manually Annotated Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Benchmark on Farsi Product Reviews Taha Shangipour ataei, Kamyar Darvishi, Soroush Javdan, Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli and Sauleh Eetemadi
1029 DiaWUG: A Dataset for Diatopic Lexical Semantic Variation in Spanish Gioia Baldissin, Dominik Schlechtweg and Sabine Schulte im Walde
1030 Quantification Annotation in ISO 24617-12, Second Draft Harry Bunt, Maxime Amblard, Johan Bos, Karën Fort, Bruno Guillaume, Philippe de Groote, Chuyuan Li, Pierre Ludmann, Michel Musiol, Siyana Pavlova, Guy Perrier and Sylvain Pogodalla
1031 »textklang« – Towards a Multi-Modal Exploration Platform for German Poetry Nadja Schauffler, Toni Bernhart, Andre Blessing, Gunilla Eschenbach, Markus Gärtner, Kerstin Jung, Anna Kinder, Julia Koch, Sandra Richter, Gabriel Viehhauser, Ngoc Thang Vu, Lorenz Wesemann and Jonas Kuhn
1033 The ComMA Dataset V0.2: Annotating Aggression and Bias in Multilingual Social Media Discourse Ritesh Kumar, Shyam Ratan, Siddharth Singh, Enakshi Nandi, Laishram Niranjana Devi, Akash Bhagat, Yogesh Dawer, bornini lahiri, Akanksha Bansal and Atul Kr. Ojha
1034 CEPOC: The Cambridge Exams Publishing Open Cloze dataset Mariano Felice, Shiva Taslimipoor, Øistein E. Andersen and Paula Buttery
1035 My Case, For an Adposition: Lexical Polysemy of Adpositions and Case Markers in Finnish and Latin Daniel Chen and Mans Hulden
1037 Latvian National Corpora Collection – Baiba Saulite, Roberts Darģis, Normunds Gruzitis, Ilze Auzina, Kristīne Levāne-Petrova, Lauma Pretkalniņa, Laura Rituma, Peteris Paikens, Arturs Znotins, Laine Strankale, Kristīne Pokratniece, Ilmārs Poikāns, Guntis Barzdins, Anda Baklāne and Valdis Saulespurēns
1038 A Warm Start and a Clean Crawled Corpus - A Recipe for Good Language Models Vésteinn Snæbjarnarson, Haukur Barri Símonarson, Pétur Orri Ragnarsson, Svanhvít Lilja Ingólfsdóttir, Haukur Jónsson, Vilhjalmur Thorsteinsson and Hafsteinn Einarsson
1041 RoomReader: A Multimodal Corpus of Online Multiparty Conversational Interactions Justine Reverdy, Sam O'Connor Russell, Louise Duquenne, Diego Garaialde, Benjamin R. Cowan and Naomi Harte
1042 Dialogue Corpus Construction Considering Modality and Social Relationships in Building Common Ground Yuki Furuya, Koki Saito, Kosuke Ogura, Koh Mitsuda, Ryuichiro Higashinaka and Kazunori Takashio
1043 A Deep Transfer Learning Method for Cross-Lingual Natural Language Inference Dibyanayan Bandyopadhyay, Arkadipta De, Baban Gain, Tanik Saikh and Asif Ekbal
1045 I still have Time(s): Extending HeidelTime for German Texts Andy Luecking, Manuel Stoeckel, Giuseppe Abrami and Alexander Mehler
1046 The Brooklyn Multi-Interaction Corpus for Analyzing Variation in Entrainment Behavior Andreas Weise, Matthew McNeill and Rivka Levitan
1047 XLM-T: Multilingual Language Models in Twitter for Sentiment Analysis and Beyond Francesco Barbieri, Luis Espinosa Anke and Jose Camacho-Collados
1049 Quevedo: Annotation and Processing of Graphical Languages Antonio F. G. Sevilla, Alberto Díaz Esteban and José María Lahoz-Bengoechea
1050 Morphological Complexity of Children Narratives in Eight Languages Gordana Hržica, Chaya Liebeskind, Kristina Š. Despot, Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova, Laura Kamandulytė-Merfeldienė, Sara Košutar, Matea Kramarić and Giedrė Valūnaitė Oleškevičienė
1051 OpenEL: An Annotated Corpus for Entity Linking and Discourse in Open Domain Dialogue Wen Cui, Leanne Rolston, Marilyn Walker and Beth Ann Hockey
1053 EXPRES Corpus for A Field-specific Automated Exploratory Study of L2 English Expert Scientific Writing Ana-Maria Bucur, Madalina Chitez, Valentina Muresan, Andreea Dinca and Roxana Rogobete
1054 Bootstrapping Text Anonymization Models with Distant Supervision Anthi Papadopoulou, Pierre Lison, Lilja Øvrelid and Ildikó Pilán
1055 Natural Questions in Icelandic Vésteinn Snæbjarnarson and Hafsteinn Einarsson
1056 Multimodality for NLP-Centered Applications: Resources, Advances and Frontiers Muskan Garg, Seema Wazarkar, Muskaan Singh and Ondřej Bojar
1057 RED v2: Enhancing RED Dataset for Multi-Label Emotion Detection Alexandra Ciobotaru, Mihai Vlad Constantinescu, Liviu P. Dinu and Stefan Dumitrescu
1058 An Evaluation Framework for Legal Document Summarization Ankan Mullick, Abhilash Nandy, Manav Nitin Kapadnis, Sohan Patnaik, Raghav R and Roshni Kar
1059 PLOD: An Abbreviation Detection Dataset for Scientific Documents Leonardo Zilio, Hadeel Saadany, Prashant K. Sharma, Diptesh Kanojia and Constantin Orăsan
1061 HindiMD: A Multi-domain Corpora for Low-resource Sentiment Analysis Mamta ., Asif Ekbal, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Shikha Srivastava, Alka Kumar and Tista Saha
1063 Korean Language Modeling via Syntactic Guide Hyeondey Kim, Seonhoon Kim, INHO KANG, Nojun Kwak and Pascale Fung
1064 LeConTra: A Learner Corpus of English-to-Dutch News Translation Bram Vanroy and Lieve Macken
1065 QA4IE: A Quality Assurance Tool for Information Extraction Rafael Jimenez Silva, Kaushik Gedela, Alex Marr, Bart Desmet, Carolyn Rose and Chunxiao Zhou
1067 WiC-TSV-de: German Word-in-Context Target-Sense-Verification Dataset and Cross-Lingual Transfer Analysis Anna Breit, Artem Revenko and Narayani Blaschke
1069 Building a Synthetic Biomedical Research Article Citation Linkage Corpus Sudipta Singha Roy and Robert E. Mercer
1070 A New Dataset for Topic-Based Paragraph Classification in Genocide-Related Court Transcripts Miriam Schirmer, Udo Kruschwitz and Gregor Donabauer
1072 Comparing approaches to language understanding for human-robot dialogue: an error taxonomy and analysis Ada D. Tur and David Traum
1073 The Hindi-Telugu Parallel Corpus Vandan Vasantlal Mujadia and Dipti Sharma
1075 Building an Endangered Language Resource in the Classroom: Universal Dependencies for Kakataibo Roberto Zariquiey, Claudia Alvarado, Ximena Echevarría, Luisa Gomez, Rosa Gonzales, Mariana Illescas, Sabina Oporto, Frederic Blum, Arturo Oncevay and Javier Vera
1077 Annotating Attribution in Czech News Server Articles Barbora Hladka, Jiří Mírovský, Matyáš Kopp and Václav Moravec
1079 Features of Perceived Metaphoricity on the Discourse Level: Abstractness and Emotionality Prisca Piccirilli and Sabine Schulte im Walde
1085 SPORTSINTERVIEW: A Large-Scale Sports Interview Benchmark for Entity-centric Dialogues Hanfei Sun, Ziyuan Cao and Diyi Yang
1087 The Search for Agreement on Logical Fallacy Annotation of an Infodemic Claire Bonial, Austin Blodgett, Taylor Hudson, Stephanie M. Lukin, Jeffrey Micher, Douglas Summers-Stay, Peter Sutor and Clare Voss
1088 German Parliamentary Corpus (GerParCor) Giuseppe Abrami, Mevlüt Bagci, Leon Hammerla and Alexander Mehler
1089 Universal Proposition Bank 2.0 Ishan Jindal, Alexandre Rademaker, Michał Ulewicz, Huyen Nguyen, Ha Linh, Khoi-Nguyen Tran, Huaiyu Zhu and Yunyao Li
1090 Evaluating Methods for Extraction of Aspect Terms in Opinion Texts in Portuguese - the Challenges of Implicit Aspects Mateus Machado and Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo
1091 Building a Multilingual Taxonomy of Olfactory Terms with Timestamps Stefano Menini, Teresa Paccosi, Serra Sinem Tekiroğlu and Sara Tonelli
1092 Xposition: An Online Multilingual Database of Adpositional Semantics Luke Gessler, Nathan Schneider, Joseph C. Ledford and Austin Blodgett
1094 TYPIC: A Corpus of Template-Based Diagnostic Comments on Argumentation Shoichi Naito, Shintaro Sawada, Chihiro Nakagawa, Naoya Inoue, Kenshi Yamaguchi, Iori Shimizu, Farjana Sultana Mim, Keshav Singh and Kentaro Inui
1095 Introducing the CURLICAT Corpora: Seven-language Domain Specific Annotated Corpora from Curated Sources Tamás Váradi, Bence Nyéki, Svetla Koeva, Marko Tadić, Vanja Štefanec, Maciej Ogrodniczuk, Bartłomiej Nitoń, Piotr Pęzik, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Elena Irimia, Maria Mitrofan,Vasile Păiș, Dan Tufiș, Radovan Garabík, Simon Krek, Andraž Repar
1097 TUSC: Emotion Word Usage in Tweets from US and Canada Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla and Saif M. Mohammad
1098 The Norwegian Colossal Corpus: A Text Corpus for Training Large Norwegian Language Models Per E. Kummervold, Freddy Wetjen and Javier de la Rosa
1100 Dataset Construction for Scientific-Document Writing Support by Extracting Related Work Section and Citations from PDF Papers Keita Kobayashi, Kohei Koyama, Hiromi Narimatsu and Yasuhiro Minami
1101 Assessing the Quality of an Italian Crowdsourced Idiom Corpus:the Dodiom Experiment Giuseppina Morza, Raffaele Manna and Johanna Monti
1102 Annotating Arguments in a Corpus of Opinion Articles Gil Rocha, Luís Trigo, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Rui Sousa-Silva, Paula Carvalho, Bruno Martins and Miguel Won
1104 GeezSwitch: Language Identification in Typologically Related Low-resourced East African Languages Fitsum Gaim, Wonsuk Yang and Jong C. Park
1106 Out of Thin Air: Is Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Keyword Detection Better Than Unsupervised? Boshko Koloski, Senja Pollak, Blaž Škrlj and Matej Martinc
1107 MHE: Code-Mixed Corpora for Similar Language Identification Priya Rani, John P. McCrae and Theodorus Fransen
1108 DeepREF: A Framework for Optimized Deep Learning-based Relation Classification Igor Nascimento, Rinaldo Lima, Adrian-Gabriel CHIFU, Bernard Espinasse and Sébastien Fournier
1109 Cross-lingual and Multilingual CLIP Fredrik Carlsson, Philipp Eisen, Faton Rekathati and Magnus Sahlgren
1110 Building Large-Scale Japanese Pronunciation-Annotated Corpora for Reading Heteronymous Logograms Fumikazu Sato, Naoki Yoshinaga and Masaru Kitsuregawa
1111 The Project Dialogism Novel Corpus: A Dataset for Quotation Attribution in Literary Texts Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla, Adam Hammond and Graeme Hirst
1112 Merkel Podcast Corpus: A Multimodal Dataset Compiled from 16 Years of Angela Merkel’s Weekly Video Podcasts Debjoy Saha, Shravan Nayak and Timo Baumann
1113 The Speed-Vel Project: a Corpus of Sound and Aerodynamic Data to Measure Droplets Emission During Speech Interaction in a Context of Covid-19 Contamination Francesca Carbone, Gilles Bouchet, Alain Ghio, Thierry Legou, Carine André, muriel lalain, Sabrina Kadri, Caterina Petrone, Federica Procino and Antoine Giovanni
1115 A Turkish Hate Speech Dataset and Detection System Fatih Beyhan, Buse Çarık, İnanç Arın, Ayşecan Terzioğlu, Berrin Yanikoglu and Reyyan Yeniterzi
1116 RuPAWS: A Russian Adversarial Dataset for Paraphrase Identification Nikita Martynov, Irina Krotova, Varvara Logacheva, Alexander Panchenko, Olga Kozlova and Nikita Semenov
1117 Crowdsourcing Kazakh-Russian Sign Language: DailySigners-50 Medet Mukushev, Aidyn Ubingazhibov, Aigerim Kydyrbekova, Alfarabi Imashev, Vadim Kimmelman and Anara Sandygulova
1118 Klexikon: A German Dataset for Joint Summarization and Simplification Dennis Aumiller and Michael Gertz
1119 CCTAA: A Reproducible Corpus for Chinese Authorship Attribution Research Haining Wang and Allen Riddell
1120 Medical Crossing: a Cross-lingual Evaluation of Clinical Entity Linking Anton M. Alekseev, Zulfat Miftahutdinov, Elena Tutubalina, Artem Shelmanov, Vladimir Ivanov, Vladimir Kokh, Alexander Nesterov, Manvel Avetisian, Andrei V. Chertok and Sergey I. Nikolenko
1121 Towards Universal Segmentations: UniSegments 1.0 Zdeněk Žabokrtský, Niyati Bafna, Jan Bodnár, Lukáš Kyjánek, Emil Svoboda, Magda Ševčíková and Jonáš Vidra
1125 A Study in Contradiction: Data and Annotation for AIDA Focusing on Informational Conflict in Russia-Ukraine Relations Jennifer Tracey, Ann Bies, Jeremy Getman, Kira Griffitt and Stephanie Strassel
1126 MeSHup: Corpus for Full Text Biomedical Document Indexing Xindi Wang, Robert E. Mercer and Frank Rudzicz
1127 Pre-Training Language Models for Identifying Patronizing and Condescending Language: An Analysis Carla Perez Almendros, Luis Espinosa Anke and Steven Schockaert
1129 Attention Understands Semantic Relations Anastasia Chizhikova, Sanzhar Murzakhmetov, Oleg Serikov, Tatiana Shavrina and Mikhail Burtsev
1130 Towards Understanding Gender-Seniority Compound Bias in Natural Language Generation Samhita Honnavalli, Aesha Parekh, Lily Ou, Sophie Groenwold, Sharon Levy, Vicente Ordonez and William Yang Wang
1134 Bazinga! A Dataset for Multi-Party Dialogues Structuring Paul Lerner, Juliette Bergoënd, Camille Guinaudeau, Hervé Bredin, Benjamin Maurice, Sharleyne Lefevre, Martin Bouteiller, Aman Berhe, Léo Galmant, Ruiqing Yin and Claude Barras
1135 The Ellogon Web Annotation Tool: Annotating Moral Values and Arguments Alexandros Fotios Ntogramatzis, Anna Gradou, Georgios Petasis and Marko Kokol
1136 ELITR Minuting Corpus: A Novel Dataset for Automatic Minuting from Multi-Party Meetings in English and Czech Anna Nedoluzhko, Muskaan Singh, Marie Hledíková, Tirthankar Ghosal and Ondřej Bojar
1138 A New Dataset for Identifying Question-Answer Pairs in Video Transcripts Viet Dac Lai, Amir Pouran Ben Veyseh, Franck Dernoncourt and Thien Huu Nguyen
1139 Investigating the Relationship Between Romanian Financial News and Closing Prices from the Bucharest Stock Exchange Ioan-Bogdan Iordache, Ana Sabina Uban, Catalin Stoean and Liviu P. Dinu
1141 BAN-Cap: A Multi-Purpose English-Bangla Image Descriptions Dataset Mohammad Faiyaz Khan, S.M. Sadiq-Ur-Rahman Shifath and Md Saiful Islam
1142 OCR for Handwritten Paleographic Greek Text: A Century-Based Approach Paraskevi Platanou, John Pavlopoulos and Georgios Papaioannou
1143 WeCanTalk: A New Multi-language, Multi-modal Resource for Speaker Recognition Karen Jones, Kevin Walker, Christopher Caruso, Jonathan Wright and Stephanie Strassel
1145 EmoWOZ: A Large-Scale Corpus and Labelling Scheme for Emotion Recognition in Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems Shutong Feng, Nurul Lubis, Christian Geishauser, Hsien-chin Lin, Michael Heck, Carel van Niekerk and Milica Gasic
1148 Life is not Always Depressing: Exploring the Happy Moments of People Diagnosed with Depression Ana-Maria Bucur, Adrian Cosma and Liviu P. Dinu
1149 Knowledge Graph Question Answering Leaderboard: A Community Resource to Prevent a Replication Crisis Aleksandr Perevalov, Xi Yan, Liubov Kovriguina, Longquan Jiang, Andreas Both and Ricardo Usbeck
1150 SuMe: A Dataset Towards Summarizing Biomedical Mechanisms Mohaddeseh Bastan, Nishant Shankar, Mihai Surdeanu and Niranjan Balasubramanian
1152 Reflections on 30 Years of Language Resource Development and Sharing Christopher Cieri, Mark Liberman, Sunghye Cho, Stephanie Strassel, James Fiumara and Jonathan Wright
1153 Exploring Data Augmentation Strategies for Hate Speech Detection in Roman Urdu Ubaid Azam, Hammad Rizwan and Asim Karim
1154 Translation Memories as Baselines for Low-Resource Machine Translation Rebecca Knowles and Patrick Littell
1156 Incorporating LIWC in Neural Networks to Improve Human Trait and Behavior Analysis in Low Resource Scenarios Isil Yakut Kilic and Shimei Pan
1157 RoBERTuito: a pre-trained language model for social media text in Spanish Juan Manuel Pérez, Damián Ariel Furman, Laura Alonso Alemany and Franco M. Luque
1158 Re-train or Train from Scratch? Comparing Pre-training Strategies of BERT in the Medical Domain Hicham El Boukkouri, Olivier Ferret, Thomas Lavergne and Pierre Zweigenbaum
1159 Atril: an XML Visualization System for Corpus Texts Andressa Rodrigues Gomide, Conceição Carapinha and Cornelia Plag
1160 Detecting Optimism in Tweets using Knowledge Distillation and Linguistic Analysis of Optimism Ștefan Cobeli, Ioan-Bogdan Iordache, Shweta Yadav, Cornelia Caragea, Liviu P. Dinu and Dragoș Iliescu
1161 A Free/Open-Source Morphological Analyser and Generator for Sakha Sardana Ivanova, Jonathan N. Washington and Francis Tyers
1164 Complex Labelling and Similarity Detection in Legal Texts: Automatic Analysis of France’s Court of Cassation Rulings Thibault Charmet, Benoît Sagot and Rachel Bawden
1166 Cyrillic-MNIST: a Cyrillic Version of the MNIST Dataset Bolat Tleubayev, Zhanel Zhexenova and Anara Sandygulova
1169 CorefUD 1.0: Coreference Meets Universal Dependencies Anna Nedoluzhko, Michal Novák, Martin Popel, Zdeněk Žabokrtský, Amir Zeldes and Daniel Zeman
1171 NerKor+Cars-OntoNotes++ Attila Novák and Borbála Novák
1172 Universal Semantic Annotator: the First Unified API for WSD, SRL and Semantic Parsing Riccardo Orlando, Simone Conia, Stefano Faralli and Roberto Navigli
1173 Finnish Hate-Speech Detection on Social Media Using CNN and FinBERT Md Saroar Jahan, Mourad Oussalah and Nabil Arhab
1174 CAMIO: A Corpus for OCR in Multiple Languages Michael Arrigo and Stephanie Strassel
1175 Hollywood Identity Bias Dataset: A Context Oriented Bias Analysis of Movie Dialogues Sandhya Singh, Prapti Roy, Nihar Ranjan Sahoo, Niteesh Kumar Reddy Mallela, Himanshu Gupta, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Milind Savagaonkar, Nidhi Sultan, Roshni Ramnani, Anutosh Maitra and Shubhashis Sengupta
1176 Unifying Morphology Resources with OntoLex-Morph. A Case Study in German Christian Chiarcos, Christian Fäth and Maxim Ionov
1177 Simple TICO-19: A Dataset for Joint Translation and Simplification of COVID-19 Texts Matthew Shardlow and Fernando Alva-Manchego
1178 Using Sentence-level Classification Helps Entity Extraction from Material Science Literature Ankan Mullick, Shubhraneel Pal, Tapas Nayak, Seung-Cheol Lee, Satadeep Bhattacharjee and Pawan Goyal
1180 Lexical Resource Mapping via Translations hongchang Bao, Bradley Hauer and Grzegorz Kondrak
1181 A Cross-document Coreference Dataset for Longitudinal Tracking across Radiology Reports Surabhi Datta, Hio Cheng Lam, Atieh Pajouhi, Sunitha Mogalla and Kirk Roberts
1183 Unsupervised Attention-based Sentence-Level Meta-Embeddings from Contextualised Language Models Keigo Takahashi and Danushka Bollegala
1184 A Twitter Corpus for Named Entity Recognition in Turkish Buse Çarık and Reyyan Yeniterzi
1188 UsingWiktionary to Create Specialized Lexical Resources and Datasets Lenka Bajčetić and Thierry Declerck
1190 Annotating Verbal Multiword Expressions in Arabic: Assessing the Validity of a Multilingual Annotation Procedure Najet Hadj Mahamed, Chrifa Ben Khelil, Agata Savary, Iskandar keskes, Jean-Yves Antoine and Lamia Hadrich-Belguith
1192 Adapting Language Models When Training on Privacy-Transformed Data Tugtekin Turan, Dietrich Klakow, Emmanuel Vincent and Denis Jouvet
1194 A New Dataset for Identifying Misinformation Spreaders and Political Bias Flora Sakketou, Joan Plepi, Riccardo Cervero, Paolo Rosso and Lucie Flek
1195 Camel Treebank: An Open Multi-genre Arabic Dependency Treebank Nizar Habash, Muhammed AbuOdeh, Dima Taji, Reem Faraj, Jamila El Gizuli and Omar Kallas
1197 Pre-training and Evaluating Transformer-based Language Models for Icelandic Jón Daðason and Hrafn Loftsson
1201 MTLens: Machine Translation Output Debugging Shreyas Sharma, Kareem Darwish, Lucas Aguiar Pavanelli, Thiago Castro Ferreira, Mohamed Al-Badrashiny, Kamer Ali Yuksel and Hassan Sawaf
1202 gaBERT — an Irish Language Model James Barry, Joachim Wagner, Lauren Cassidy, Alan Cowap, Teresa Lynn, Abigail Walsh, Mícheál J. Ó Meachair and Jennifer Foster
1204 Embeddings models for Buddhist Sanskrit Ligeia Lugli, Matej Martinc, Andraž Pelicon and Senja Pollak
1206 Cross-Lingual Link Discovery for Under-Resourced Languages Michael Rosner, Sina Ahmadi, Elena-Simona Apostol, Julia Bosque-Gil, Christian Chiarcos, Milan Dojchinovski, Katerina Gkirtzou, Jorge Gracia, Dagmar Gromann, Chaya Liebeskind, Giedre Valu ̄naite ̇ Olesˇkevicˇiene ̇, Gilles Sérasset and Ciprian-Octavian Truică
1207 An Expanded Finite-State Transducer for Tsuut’ina Verbs Joshua Holden, Christopher Cox and Antti Arppe
1208 ELRC Action: Covering Confidentiality, Correctness and Cross-linguality Tom Vanallemeersch, Arne Defauw, Sara Szoc, Alina Kramchaninova, Joachim Van den Bogaert and Andrea Lösch
1209 FABRA: French Aggregator-Based Readability Assessment toolkit Rodrigo Wilkens, David Alfter, Xiaoo Wang, Alice Pintarde, Anais Tack, Kevin P. Yancey and Thomas François
1211 ALBETO and DistilBETO: Lightweight Spanish Language Models José Cañete, Sebastian Donoso, Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Andrés Carvallo and Vladimir Araujo
1212 Building Comparable Corpora for Assessing Multi-Word Term Alignment Omar Adjali, Emmanuel Morin and Pierre Zweigenbaum
1213 LPAttack: A Feasible Annotation Scheme for Capturing Logic Pattern of Attacks in Arguments Farjana Sultana Mim, Naoya Inoue, Shoichi Naito, Keshav Singh and Kentaro Inui
1214 RadQA: A Question Answering Dataset to Improve Comprehension of Radiology Reports Sarvesh Soni, Meghana Gudala, Atieh Pajouhi and Kirk Roberts
1216 Quality Control for Crowdsourced Bilingual Dictionary in Low-Resource Languages Hiroki Chida and Yohei Murakami
1218 Multilingual Pragmaticon: Database of Discourse Formulae Anton Buzanov, Polina Bychkova, Arina Molchanova, Anna Postnikova and Daria Ryzhova
1219 STAPI: An Automatic Scraper for Extracting Iterative Title-Text Structure from Web Documents Nan Zhang, Shomir Wilson and Prasenjit Mitra
1220 Knowledge Graph - Deep Learning: A Case Study in Question Answering in Aviation Safety Domain Ankush Agarwal, Raj Gite, Shreya Laddha, Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Satyanarayan Kar, Asif Ekbal, Prabhjit Thind, Rajesh Zele and Ravi Shankar
1222 A corpus of Hindi adposition and case semantics Aryaman Arora, Nitin Venkateswaran and Nathan Schneider
1223 An automatic model and Gold Standard for translation alignment of Ancient Greek Tariq Yousef, Chiara Palladino, Farnoosh Shamsian, Anise d’Orange Ferreira and Michel Ferreira dos Reis
1228 Mean Machine Translations: On Gender Bias in Icelandic Machine Translations Agnes Sólmundsdóttir, Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir, Lilja Björk Stefánsdóttir and Anton Ingason
1229 Annotating the Sentiment of Homeric Text John Pavlopoulos, Alexandros Xenos and Davide Picca
1230 Who’s in, who’s out? Predicting the Inclusiveness or Exclusiveness of Personal Pronouns in Parliamentary Debates Ines Rehbein and Josef Ruppenhofer
1231 VoxCommunis: A Corpus for Cross-linguistic Phonetic Analysis Emily Ahn and Eleanor Chodroff
1232 Challenging the Transformer-based models with a Classical Arabic dataset: Quran and Hadith Shatha Altammami and Eric Atwell
1233 On the Impact of Temporal Representations on Metaphor Detection Giorgio Ottolina, Matteo Luigi Palmonari, Manuel Vimercati and Mehwish Alam
1234 Abstract Meaning Representation for Gesture Richard Brutti, Lucia Donatelli, Kenneth Lai and James Pustejovsky
1235 ELTE Poetry Corpus: a Machine Annotated Database of Canonical Hungarian Poetry Péter Horváth, Péter Kundráth, Balázs Indig, Zsófia Fellegi, Eszter Szlávich, Tímea Borbála Bajzát, Zsófia Sárközi-Lindner, Bence Vida, Aslihan Karabulut, Mária Timári and Gábor Palkó
1236 Annotation of Communicative Functions of Short Feedback Tokens in Switchboard Carol Figueroa, Adaeze Adigwe, Magalie Ochs and Gabriel Skantze
1238 On ``Human Parity'' and ``Super Human Performance'' \\in Machine Translation Evaluation Thierry Poibeau
1243 Universal Dependencies for Punjabi Aryaman Arora
1245 A STEP towards Interpretable Multi-Hop Reasoning:Bridge Phrase Identification and Query Expansion Fan Luo and Mihai Surdeanu
1246 Collecting Visually-Grounded Dialogue with A Game Of Sorts Bram Willemsen, Dmytro Kalpakchi and Gabriel Skantze
1249 Question Modifiers in Visual Question Answering William John Britton, Somdeb Sarkhel and Deepak Venugopal
1254 HAWP: a Dataset for Hindi Arithmetic Word Problem Solving Harshita Sharma, Pruthwik Mishra and Dipti Sharma
1256 A Dataset of Offensive Language in Kosovo Social Media Adem Ajvazi and Christian Hardmeier
1262 Exploring Paraphrase Generation and Entity Extraction for Multimodal Dialogue System Eda Okur, Saurav Sahay and Lama Nachman
1263 BD-SHS: A Benchmark Dataset for Learning to Detect Online Bangla Hate Speech in Different Social Contexts Nauros Romim, Mosahed Ahmed, Md Saiful Islam, Arnab Sen Sharma, Hriteshwar Talukder and Mohammad Ruhul Amin
1264 A Whole-Person Function Dictionary for the Mobility, Self-Care and Domestic Life Domains: a Seedset Expansion Approach Ayah Zirikly, Bart Desmet, Julia Porcino, Jonathan Camacho Maldonado, Pei-Shu Ho, Rafael Jimenez Silva and Maryanne Sacco
1267 Leveraging Pre-trained Language Models for Gender Debiasing Nishtha Jain, Declan Groves, Lucia Specia and Maja Popović
1268 A Bayesian Topic Model for Human-Evaluated Interpretability Justin Wood, Corey Arnold and Wei Wang
1269 TeSum: Human-Generated Abstractive Summarization Corpus for Telugu Priyanka Ravva, Ashok Urlana, Nirmal Surange, Pavan Baswani and Manish Shrivastava
1270 Question Generation and Answering for exploring Digital Humanities collections Frederic Bechet, Elie Antoine, Jérémy Auguste and Géraldine Damnati
1272 IceBATS: An Icelandic Adaptation of the Bigger Analogy Test Set Steinþór Steingrímsson, Hjalti Daníelsson, Steinunn Rut Friðriksdóttir and Einar Sigurdsson
1274 DrugEHRQA: A Question Answering Dataset on Structured and Unstructured Electronic Health Records For Medicine Related Queries Jayetri Bardhan, Anthony Colas, Kirk Roberts and Daisy Zhe Wang
1276 The Bulgarian Event Corpus: Overview and Initial NER Experiments Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov, Iva Marinova and Melania Berbatova
1281 The Open Cantonese Wordnet Corpus: Enriching Linguistic Representation in the Cantonese Wordnet Ut Seong Sio and Luís Morgado da Costa
1282 Evaluating Retrieval for Multi-domain Scientific Publications Nancy Ide, Keith Suderman, Jingxuan Tu, Marc Verhagen, Shanan Peters, John Lawson, Andrew Borg and James Pustejovsky
1285 The Engage Corpus: A Social Media Dataset for Text-Based Recommender Systems Daniel Cheng, Kyle Yan, Phillip Keung and Noah A. Smith
1286 An Inflectional Database for Gitksan Bruce Oliver, Clarissa Forbes, Changbing Yang, Farhan Samir, Edith Coates, Garrett Nicolai and Miikka Silfverberg
1287 Transfer Learning Methods for Domain Adaptation in Technical Logbook Datasets Farhad Akhbardeh, Marcos Zampieri, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm and Travis Desell
1290 PyCantonese: Cantonese Linguistics and NLP in Python Jackson L. Lee, Litong Chen, Charles Lam, Chaakming Lau and Tsz-Him Tsui
1292 Development of Automatic Speech Recognition for the Documentation of Cook Islands Māori Rolando Coto-Solano, Sally Akevai Nicholas, Samiha Datta, Victoria Quint, Piripi Wills, Emma Ngakuravaru Powell, Liam Koka'ua, Syed Tanveer and Isaac Feldman
1293 RU-ADEPT: Russian Anonymized Dataset with Eight Personality Traits C. Anton Rytting, Valerie Novak, James R. Hull, Victor M. Frank, Paul Rodrigues, Jarrett Lee and Laurel Miller-Sims
1294 CATAMARAN: A Cross-lingual Long Text Abstractive Summarization Dataset zheng chen and Hongyu Lin
1295 A Corpus for Commonsense Inference in Story Cloze Test Bingsheng Yao, Ethan Joseph, Julian Lioanag and Mei Si
1296 Dataset and Baseline for Automatic Student Feedback Analysis Missaka H.M Herath, Kushan R.A. Chamindu, Hashan Maggona Kumbakarage Maduwantha and Surangika Ranathunga
1297 EmoInHindi: A Multi-label Emotion and Intensity Annotated Dataset in Hindi for Emotion Recognition in Dialogues Gopendra Vikram Singh, Priyanshu Priya, Mauajama Firdaus, Asif Ekbal and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
1301 BeSt: The Belief and Sentiment Corpus Jennifer Tracey, Owen Rambow, Claire Cardie, Adam Dalton, Hoa Trang Dang, Mona Diab, Bonnie Dorr, Louise Guthrie, Magdalena Markowska, Smaranda Muresan, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Samira Shaikh and Tomek Strzalkowski
1302 RELATE: Generating a linguistically inspired Knowledge Graph for fine-grained emotion classification Annika Marie Schoene, Nina Dethlefs and Sophia Ananiadou
1304 A Corpus of Simulated Counselling Sessions with Dialog Act Annotation John S. Y. Lee, Haley Fong, Lai Shuen Judy Wong, Chun Chung Mak, Chi Hin Yip and Ching Wah Larry Ng
Important dates
  • 5 November 2021: Submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials
  • 17 January 2022: Submission of proposals for oral and poster papers
  • 5 April 2022: Notification of acceptance for oral and poster/demo papers
  • 6 May 2022: Final Submission of accepted oral and poster/demo papers
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