Printing your poster in Marseille

You can contact COPYTOP in Marseill for printing out your poster.

COPYTOP Marseille Préfecture (the closest to Pharo)
11 place Felix Baret - 13006 Marseille

The second agency
COPYTOP Marseille Joliette
98 Rue de la République, 13002 Marseille
Please note that: the Poster Boards cannot accommodate Landscape posters. You must print your poster in Portrait A0 (84,1 x 118,9cm).
Important dates
  • 5 November 2021: Submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials
  • 17 January 2022: Submission of proposals for oral and poster papers
  • 5 April 2022: Notification of acceptance for oral and poster/demo papers
  • 6 May 2022: Final Submission of accepted oral and poster/demo papers
  • 21-22-23 June 2022: Main Conference
  • 20-24-25 June 2022: Workshops & Tutorials